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Kim's Convenience

No description

Stephanie Okoli

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of Kim's Convenience

Kim's Convenience
I think one of the themes in Kim's Convenience (K.C) is People want a legacy after their gone; we want to be remembered when we’re gone. It's known that we all die, that's not surprising. But before most people go, they want to do something memorable. Something to last a life time. A legacy. And that's Kim wants, he wants his store to become his legacy.

This is where we are introduced to
Kim's interest of passing K.C down to
the next generation; his daughter Janice. So he can start his legacy


But Janet quickly declines the offer
“Not work at store. I am talking takeover store. Make Kim’s Convenience dynasty.”
Quote 1
But even with her harsh no,
Mr. Kim still went on. Telling her
his heart
“What is my story? Hm? What is story of me, Mr.Kim? My whole life is this life is this store. Everybody know this store, they know me. This story is my story. And if I just sell store, then my story is over. Who is Mr.Kim? Nobody know that. You take over store, my story keep going.”
Quote 2
But even with that heart felt
speech, Janet just spits out,

But Appa that's life.....
(which takes us to our third quote)
Quote 3
“But I give my life, my store for you”.
But after several attempts of trying
to get Janet to take the store, Mr. Kim finally excepts Janet decision and moves on. After accepting this, his son Jung that
Heart felt and desperate Jung asked
if he can work at the store. Mr Kim had
this to say:
“What is my story? What is story of Mr. Kim? My whole life I doing store. This store is my story? No. My store is not Kim’s Convenience. My store is you. And Janet. And Umma (wife). And Sonam (grandson) . You understand? Change price Make two dollar. That’s good idea. That’s good idea.
left after 16 years comes back to talk to Mr.Kim so they can reconcile. Jung also tells Mr.Kim
how he's a grandpa! Yes Jung has a bouncing
baby boy named Sonam.
After everything, Mr. Kim found out that
his life work wasn't his store. It was his
loved ones; his family.
“As the neighbour hood quickly gentrifies, Mr.Kim is offered a generous sum of money to sell. But Kim’s Convenience is more than just his livelihood - it’s his legacy.”
Even the back cover says:
By: Stephanie O.
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