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Reader Response

Professor Simpson, KSU

Joanne Simpson

on 27 December 2012

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Transcript of Reader Response

Reader Response Theory Rosenblatt
Reading is a transaction
Meaning is affected by time & circumstance
Reader mentality imposes meaning on text Word Meanings
Public v private meanings
Teacher driven meanings/results Stanley Fish
Text has no meaning until a reader interprets it Why is reading important to you? How do you respond? Reader Response Activities
Must demonstrate comprehension
Must explain text/reader interaction
Text/text, text/self, text/world Types of Activities

Response Journals
Anticipation guides
Guided questions
271-273 of Beers text has lots of RR questions Aesthetic V. Efferent Reader Response
Aesthetic = personally identify with and respond to the text
Efferent = pulling information from the text
Struggling/dependent readers only know how to read efferently.
Both are meaningful, purposeful, and have their place in your classroom. Understand Literacy Appreciation
Unconscious Delight (grades 3-7)
Vicarious Reading (grades 7-9)
Selfish/Reflection Reading (grades 9-10)
Self to World (grade 10-11)
Text Analysis (Grade 11 - college) Encouraging Reader Response Grade level interests
Appropriate Literature
So, a 7th grader might be reading at a 3rd grade level, but they still want to read books in stage 2 of literacy appreciation. Literacy Appreciation
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