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SDL prodject

Kyla Weil

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Babysitting

By:Kyla Weil Babysitting Temper Tantrums If a child is young, most temper tantrums are from being hungry or tired. In some cases a child might start to kick, scream or even hold their breathe. The babysitter should always stay calm and not yell. You have to be flexible and let the child cool off. F.I.N.D. F: Figure out the problem- you want to first understand why the child is upset

I: Identify possible solutions- think about everything you can do to make this situation better.

N: Name the pros and cons- think about possible consequences of your solutions

D: Decide which solution is best, then act on it-
Finally, fix the problem Business The first thing to figure out is how much money you will charge. Sometimes the parents chose and sometimes you do, but if you do be fair. If you cook or clean, or if they have more than 1 or 2 kids it might affect the pay.
Then you have an interview. For the interview know information about the family and children. Your main goal is to land the job, but you also want to gather as much information as you can. Leadership Styles Democratic Leadership Style: Don't immediately decide what to do for the child, let them chose.

Hands-off Leadership Style: If you are babysitting 2 or more children and they are cooperating don't barge in.

Sympathetic Leadership Style: This leadership style helps the children feel cared for by being thoughtful and caring.

Directive Leadership Style: You have to take charge and tell the kids what to do especially to prevent an injury. Babies Choking When helping a child that's choking you want to hit in between the shoulder blades five times then find the belly button, and thumbs towards it press five times. If a baby is choking then hit between the shoulder blades five times with your wrist while you are holding their jaw. Then flip over the baby and press with two fingers five times in the chest area. Reflection Babysitting is a important skill to have because it is useful throughout your life. Taking the Red Cross Babysitting Class was a good decision because it taught me many valuable lessons. Finally, the parents of potential clients will think I am motivated and responsible because of my professional training in babysitting. SDL Project Children and Play Play is very important for a child's development. Because of play, a child becomes physically developed by doing activities like running and putting beads on a string. Play will help a child's learning skills and their ability to control feelings. You always want to babysit in a safe house. Bottles are also very important for babies; to warm a bottle you put it under hot water and never in a microwave. But, don't give the bottle to a baby if it's too hot. You want to burp a baby after 1/3 of a bottle and right after its finished eating. To burp a baby, put a towel under the babies head and gently pat the babies back. When you are changing the diaper of a child, you want to distract the child by using a toy they enjoy. Red Cross
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