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Bol Achor

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Twitter

By: Achor and Justin
What is Twitter?
Twitter is a social media
website and micro blogging website that lets you read and post tweets.

What is a tweet?
A tweet is a posting by a Twitter user.

What is the ?
- The pound button or on twitter is known as the hash tag.
- The hash tag tells your viewers the subject that you are going to be talking about.

Interesting facts on Twitter
- Twitter was made in March 2006 and awarded for the best website.
- There are over 100 million active Twitter users.
- About 50% of these 100 million log on every day.
- Twitter sees about 750 tweets per second.
- If Twitter was a country it would be the 12th largest country.

Twitter`s stocks
Financial post says that investors
are putting in a lot of money in
the stocks of twitter. Twitters
stocks are at US $52 and rising.

Interesting facts on Twitter continued

- 30 percent of twitter users have income greater than $100,000.
- Katy Perry is most popular twitter users with 48,596,329 followers.
- 11 twitter account are made every second.
- 750 tweets are shared on twitter per second.
- The creator of twitter is Evan Williams and Jack Dorsey co-creator.
People use twitter for business and making money more than doctors makes, this is how first you.
Why do some areas not have any social media networks?
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