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Photoshop - Lasso Tool

No description

Alice Knight

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Photoshop - Lasso Tool

Getting your Background
Once you have opened the program, click "File", then "Open" to look and find the picture you would like to use as your background.

Inserting With Lasso

As you now have your background, it's time to use the "Lasso" tool. Press "File" then "Open" again to get the photo/picture you'd like to "Lasso".

Open Photoshop

Photoshop can usually be found in "Applications" or in "All Programs", or on your desktop. Open "Photoshop (64 Bit)" to get the program that I have been using.

Using "Lasso"
Now you have both photos/pictures that you would like you use, it is time to edit them with the "Lasso" tool. On the left hand side of your screen, there should be a symbol like the one in the Screen shot below. Click on this to start using "Lasso".
Using "Lasso"
Using "Lasso"
Once you have selected you're tool, the actual cropping begins. Find an easy spot to start the outline of your picture's shape. When cropping, maybe choose a spot with an obvious corner, as it is an easier target. Now, depending on your specific "Lasso" tool, each process from here on will be different. I will describe each option. Each of the following tools begin with the same steps. Click in your starting position and drag to outline your picture's shape.
Using "Lasso"
Basic: Continue to drag your mouse outlining your shape until you have come back to your starting position with the mouse.
Polygon: Continue to drag your mouse outlining your shape until you have come to a point where the straight line is no longer outlining where you would like. Now click once more and repeat earlier steps.
Magnetic: Outline your shape with your mouse in a general way (doesn't need to be completely accurate) and it will automatically pick up where to outline.
Photoshop - Lasso Tool
There are 3 different options within "Lasso". Each has a specific feature. Freehand Lasso: relies on where your hand goes, not very accurate but sometimes the only option.
Polygon Lasso: gives you a slightly more accurate and easy straight line lasso. Magnetic Lasso: this does the same as the other two tools with a more automatic lead but is still just as effective once you have the hang of it.
Finishing Up
Once you have your desired shape selected, you must now press "Edit" then, "Cut". This will remove your shape from what you have cropped it from. Then open the background you selected earlier. Press "Edit" then "Paste" and use layers and extra adjustments if needed.
Hey there guys, this is a tutorial on how to use the "Lasso" tool in Photoshop. I hope you find it informative and effective. This tool has three different functions, and I will go through each of them in order. Enjoy!!!
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