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Female Foeticide

No description

Riti Bahl

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Female Foeticide

Foeticide A path which shouldn't have taken place Female What to do? ? How Help me! T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I History... (Her-story) 1970 – Present Started in the 1970’s
Vast population.
Government hospital. Lead to The thought if they killed the female fetus and let the males be born to those who wanted it would reduce the population and solve the whole 'problem'.
Extensive program was written in all the big/famous hospitals. Later on some activists objected to this and the government officially banned this in the govt. hospitals. IT WAS TOO LATE Doctors and those technicians had started their own private clinics for money.
Amniocentesis: complicated technique and high chance of miscarriage. Also quite expensive.
Ultrasound discovered -In this doctors found a gold mine.
By then it was a big industry. Profitable Causes Dowry
Son is a producer while a daughter is a consumer
Family name
Status symbol to have a son
Illiteracy, poverty and the tag of ‘burden’ that is assigned to a girl child.
It's in 'fashion'. if Mr. Malhotra is doing it... Mr. Agarwal will also, to show him up. Official Abortion: In India, the MTP Act (revised in 1975) provides guidelines and conditions applicable to inducing abortion. MTP is legally allowed for the following reasons:

1. If continuing the pregnancy can harm and endanger the life of the pregnant mother
2. If the foetus is found to have serious abnormalities while it is in the womb (uterus)
3. If the woman has been raped and is now pregnant as a result of the rape

4. If the socio-economic status of the woman and her family is not suitable for having another child

5. If the normally used contraception methods have failed (this can be always claimed and abortion sought)

A woman must give her consent for an abortion, or her guardian will give consent if she is mentally unstable, unmarried or under 18 years of age. Health professionals that perform abortions must be medically qualified as stated by law. A clinic or institution in which abortions are administered has to be certified by the Central Government of India. One indication that is not legal is for a gender selective abortion. For this reason, any medical professional and/or institution cannot perform a sonography to determine the sex of the foetus under any circumstances. Long-term Impacts The most important impact of female foeticide is the skewed ratio it gives rise to. The dearth of females leads to other complications like female trafficking, kidnappings and in increase in assault and rape against women.
Female foeticide is a horrific and illegal practice that has got to be stopped. The way to do this is by implementation of stronger laws and bringing about a change in the mind-set of our countrymen – uphill tasks, but absolutely crucial nevertheless. Education Financial lures Awareness of extreme Definition OF Female Foeticide The act of aborting a foetus because of it being female. Consequences
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