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Jobs-to-be-done - JTBD - Part 1

No description

John Cooper

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Jobs-to-be-done - JTBD - Part 1

Jobs - to - be - Done Our focus today is "outcome driven innovation" Innovation is the act of generating more
value for the customer and the business
by fulfilling a "job to be done" better than
anyone else Jobs to be Done Companies:
Segment markets by demographics
Socio-economic Factors
Features - physical attributes
Functions - what the product does The consumer has a different view:
He wants to get jobs done!
Simply wants to hire the best product/service to do it Simple Example Keep food fresh at home How did people keep food fresh 200 years ago? Sustaining Innovation Sustaining Innovation Sustaining Innovation ? Disruptive Innovation JTBD Old Solution New Solution ? JTBD ? Old Solution New Solution JTBD Old Solution New Solution ? JTBD Old Solution New Solution ? ? Your turn Structure of a Job Statement Manage personal finances at home Clean clothes at home Action verb Object of action Contextual clarifier Activity Create 5 job statements related to the product you have been given Who? Where? What? When? How? Why? How Much? The Glass Story ? Listen to music on the move Share personal stories with friends ? ? ? ? ? ? Communicate over long distances The Music Story The Communication
Story The Story Story Types of Jobs How do we identify jobs to be done? Observe versus Interpret For cleaning clothes at home (JTBD) Undesired Desired Customer Provider Desired Outcomes Your Turn... 1. Take 1 of your identified JTBD
2. Simple table, list all outcome expectations
3. Create outcome statements 1) Direction of action (minimize, maximize)
2) The unit of measurement (time, cost, errors, etc.)
3) Outcome desired Minimize the time it takes to clean clothes at home
Minimize the cost of cleaning clothes at home 1 2 3 1 2 3 JTBD - Pour drink into container at bar Minimize the time it takes to pour liquid into the container
Minimize the amount of "foam" in the container
Minimize wastage of liquid from the pouring action
Minimize the quantity of staff needed to serve customers Maximize the quantity of liquid (beer) staff can serve
Maximize the efficiency of my serving staff
Maximize time clients can spent with friends (Less waiting)
Maximize time clients interact with staff (amaze them!) Undesired outcomes Desired outcomes The old way of getting
the job done The new way of getting
the job done Pain Satisfaction No Problems here! Big, horrible
problems here! Problems,
with solutions! Small problems...
Small opportunities 5 1
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