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No description

Melissa Rodgers

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Flush

By: Carl Hiaasen
Imagine you are on a trip in the Florida Keys.
You are at the beach and you are about to race into the water when you look down just to see human waste in the water!
Noah Underwood's father just sunk the casino boat the Coral Queen because it was illegally dumping it's toilet sewage into the ocean instead of paying to have it removed!
Noah will have to catch Dusty in the act to keep the ocean from turning into a gigantic toilet and to clear his fathers name! Will he ever be able to catch him if a coast guard is helping Dusty and Noah's only witness has gone missing?!
Setting and Main Characters
This book takes place in the Florida Keys in August.

Noah Underwood
The main character is a 12 year old boy named Noah Underwood. He is very determined, loves fishing, and has lots of good ideas and plans.
He also wants to catch Dusty in the act and land him in jail.

Abbey Underwood

Abbey Underwood is a Noah's little sister and is 10 years old. She is a born biter and she thinks her Dad is crazy . Also she is a really good actor and is very sneaky.

Main Characters

Paine Underwood
Paine Underwood (also known as Paine-in-the-butt-Underwood) is Abbey and Noah's father and he sunk the Coral Queen. He was born and raised in Florida and was a fishing guide.
He loves fishing and sometimes (maybe a lot) of the time gets out of control.

Dusty Muleman
Dusty Muleman owns the casino boat the Coral Queen.
He is really rich and very sneaky. He used to be a fishing guide just like Paine but he
that his rich Uncle died in an elephant stampede so he inherited all his money and bought the Coral Queen with it.
Pg. 143
A man in a tan uniform got out of the car and gave us a friendly nod. From the bed of the pickup he removed a small sledge hammer, a half a dozen metal posts,and a stack of cardboard signs. The man from parks and recreation showed us one of the signs.
it warned in big letters.
Beneath those words, in smaller red lettering it said:
"Contaminated with what?" asked my sister acting as if she didn't know.
"Human waste," said the man.
We got a call from a guy who was fishing out here this morning. The health department came and sampled the water-it tested of the charts.

Flush Short Video
1.Self to text-Noah's Dad loves to be on the water and to go fishing, and my Dad and Uncle does too.
2.Text to world-In the book there is A LOT of littering and in our world today there is A LOT of littering going on too.

Opinion and Recommendation
I thought this was a good book and is one of my favorites. I would rate this book 9/10.
I think that anyone who is a 11 and older and is a good reader could read this book.
About The Author
Carl Hiaasen lives in Miami Florida and all his books take place in Florida. He writes a column for the Miami Herald. He is married and has no children but loves to go looking for Manatees.
I hope you enjoyed my presentation. Thank you for listening.
Other Characters
- Bartender on the Coral Queen
Lice Peeking
- Shelly's boyfriend
Jasper Muleman
- Enjoys torturing Noah
- Helps Jasper torture Noah
- Noah and Abbeys Mother
Grandpa Bobby
- Paine's Father. But the family
he died.
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