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The World of Data Management

Overview of Talend's DM Solutions

Steve Sarsfield

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of The World of Data Management

Data Quality Data Quality Sales Engineers
Product Marketing Contact: is available on
the intranet What is Data Quality? Things That Go Wrong Impact to Enterprise Systems Not just about fixing ‘bad” data, but standardizing it NAME: Smith, Steve
NAME: Steven
NAME: STEVEN SMITH Some Measures of Data Quality:
Validity ERP
Purchasing Power
Right-size Inventory

Ability to Contact Customers

Data Warehouse & BI
Accurate reporting
Compliance issues $ Revenue
Compliance How Does Talend Support Data Quality? Matching Records Field 1 - State Fips Code
Field 2 - 5-digit Zipcode
Field 3 - State Abbreviation
Field 4 - Zipcode Name
Field 5 - Longitude in Decimal Degrees
Field 6 - Latitude in Decimal Degrees
Field 7 - 2000 Population
Field 8 - Allocation Factor (decimal portion of state within zipcode)

Dedham, MA
"25","02026","MA","DEDHAM",71.163741,42.243685,23782,0.003953 Fuzzy Matching Algorithms Data Stewardship Console Business Intelligence Portal Competition Name and Address Standardization Other Data Standardization "Visionaries understand where the market is going or have a vision for changing market rules, but do not yet execute well." Master Data
Management MDM Sales Engineers
Product Marketing Contact: is available on
the intranet Expands upon DI and DQ
Enforces data governance policies
Enables a collaborative workflow so that business stakeholders can share responsibility over data
Provides a single source of truth, no matter the disparity of source systems. Master Data Management... Cross-functional Collaboration Single Source of Truth • Profile – detect anomalies and understand data models
• Integrate – Acquire any data from any source and transform it into the right formats
• Cleanse – Cleanse, standardize and augment data and remove duplicates
• Model & Master – Tools to model any data and define relationships among master data. Secure and provision data by user, group or system. Enable any MDM architectural style.
• Collaborate – Enable a group of users to collaborate on, agree and publish a set of accepted master data. Supply intuitive audit tools for manual resolution of data tasks. Essential Tools for MDM Data Integration &
Data Quality Master Data
Management Data Domains MDM for Product Data
Product Catalogs

MDM for Customer Data
Technical Support Systems
Employee Data
MDM for ERP Data Governance and MDM Web Studio Define Data Model
Mitigate Data Problems
Data Stewardship Data Access and Permissions
Set up processes
Data Integration and Data Quality Talend
Solutions The World of Data Management Steve Sarsfield
Product Marketing Data Integration Data Quality Master Data Managment Remember...
* Unified Platform
* Any Scale Data
Integration Big
Data What is Data Integration? What is So Difficult About Moving Data Around? Quantity of Data
Data Sources and Connectors
Processing of Data During Move (Transformation)
Time Constraints & Windows
Custom Code
Data Quality How Does Talend Support Data Integration? Open Studio Job Designer Connectivity Shared Repository Auto Documentation Job Conductor Load Balancing / Fail-over Time Scheduler Big Data - Hadoop Why Customers Choose Talend for Data Integration... Low Barrier to Adoption
Predictable Pricing Model
Unified Platform
Any Scale
Data, People, Projects Competition "Visionaries understand where the market is going or have a vision for changing market rules, but do not yet execute well." intranet.talend.com What is Big Data? Big Data Uses Hadoop – Not a Big Database
HDFS – Hadoop File System
Parallel processing (Map Reduce)

Commodity Hardware
Apache Project: Open Source Cool Solutions Support Hadoop Talend Big Data Partners ETL DQ Hadoop Distributions
NoSQL Databases
Greenplum Simple Example Bundles
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