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Patricia Siehs

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Psychology

What is psychology?
Psychology is the scientific study of an individual's behavior and mental processes.
Psychology In Your Life
Many school systems are using positive reinforcement with students.
This is a form of positive psychology, which focuses on the positive aspects of a person's life rather than the negative.
Psychology In Your Life
When in middle school or junior high, you probably received "the talk" from your parent or loved one. The reason you get this "talk" is because of the changes you are about to endure.
This is called developmental psychology, which is the study of how people grow physically, mentally, and emotionally.
More on Psychology
Psychology In Your Life
Industrial-Organizational Psychology is when psychology principles are used in the workplace to find the best positions for someone.
This makes your work experience more enjoyable!
This video gives more options as to what one with a psychology major can do.
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