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Example of a Work Experience Presentation

No description

Nick Sport

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Example of a Work Experience Presentation

The Future
Where was my placement?
Work Experience Reflection
Alycia Eaton
How did you feel on the first day
at the job site?
For my Work Experience placement, I went to the Allied Health Department at Flinders Medical Centre. There, I got to observe and experience multiple divisions, including physiotherapy, dietetics, speech pathology and occupational therapy.
Who were you working with? Who did you get along/not get along with?
How did the actual experience differ from your expectations, what did you know about the career and workplace?
Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare (OHSW)
What attributes did I develop before and during my work placement?
Employer's Report-Were you pleased of disappointed with their judgements?
Which capabilities do you think would be useful to develop to help you in your career?
I didn’t receive a proper induction while at my placement, but I did learn a few safety rules and procedures when needed. I learnt that you have to wear gloves and gowns around infectious as well as vulnerable patients. Around the hospital, there were many OHSW posters and signs above taps and on walls, as well as hand sanitiser, tissues, gowns and gloves.
Personal Presentation

knew ....
About the environment and workplace
The roles of each division
Attributes I developed include...
On the first day of my work experience I felt quite anxious and nervous. I was unsure of what it was going to be like and what to expect from my supervisor and other employees in the department.
I worked with a variety of people during my placement, including specialists, trainees and uni students.
What surprised you about working in this job? What did you enjoy most? What disappointed you?
In what ways was this placement useful to you? Has it changed or enhanced your view of this job?

Physiotherapists help people to recover and prevent injuries, pain and stiffness, and help movement and function of muscles and mobility.
Speech pathologists work with people with speech problems and disabilities.
Dieticians are experts on nutrition, healthy eating and diets.
Occupational therapists help people who have lost ability/mobility to perform certain tasks due to illness, aging or injury.
I was quite happy with my employers’ reports, as I didn’t have any negative comments or harsh marks. I think that I could improve in the area of communication, as well as developing my inquisitiveness.
I think that it would be useful to develop all my capabilities in the next year, with a main focus on
I really found this placement useful as it gave me more of an insight into future career paths and I acquired a lot of new information about the medical profession and health sciences.
This work experience has opened my mind to other career possibilities that I had not really thought about before my placement.
To develop these capabilities, I will become more determined to interact and communicate with others and approach things that I wouldn’t normally, as well as try to become more self-assuring.
Personal Development and Communication
What new ideas about future pathways and your PLP Plan have you had because of this experience?
The department I enjoyed most was the physiotherapy department. It was there that I saw and completed the most variety of tasks, and I got to meet and interact with patients more.

The day I was most disappointed with was when I was in the Speech Pathology department. I gained knowledge about neurology and brain processes, but I just observed patient reviews the whole day.

The Experience
What education is needed and about Certificates
and Bachelors
Training and Skills
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