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Bud Not Buddy Final Project

No description

jen rosato

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Bud Not Buddy Final Project

Bud Not Buddy Final Project
Meet The Author
Christopher Paul Curtis
All About The Great Depression
* The Great Depression was a
long,unpredicted financial crisis that effected country's in North America,Western Europe and other industrialized areas of the world.
*A catastrophic collapse of the stock prices on the New York Stock Exchange in October
is considered to be the start of the Great Depression.

Introduction of the Novel
: Bud Not Buddy
: Christopher Paul Curtis
: Historical fiction
: 1-245
1-18 and The Afterward

Flat and Round Characters
The Great Depression Summary
(Cited: http://great-depression-facts.com/)

From the time of the stock market crash until 1932, stock prices continued to fall. Historians and economists estimate stock prices declined by 89 percent. As a result, thousands of investors went bankrupt, and many banks that held stocks in their portfolios were forced into insolvency. Runs on banks further compounded the problem. Before the depression of 1929, 25,000 banks operated in the United States. As of 1933, there were only 11,000 banks operating.With so many banks in default and so many people in the United States fearful of the economic downturn, overall spending was reduced.Less spending meant lessened demand for consumer goods.these factory's combined to negativity impact manufacturing production levels,this compounding this economic spiral.

What resulted were low levels of manufacturing output paired with unexpected high levels of unemployment. Historians estimate that 25-30 percent of the American workforce. Between 12 and 15 million people were unemployed by 1932 while manufacturing output had plummeted to 54 percent of its 1929 level.

Christopher Paul Curtis was the author of the award winning novel,
Bud Not Buddy.
He won 8 awards for the book,such as the Newbery Award and the Coretta Scott King Award. His first novel,
The Watson's Go to Birmingham-1963
, was also singled out for many awards. His most recent novels for Random House include: T
he Mighty Miss Malone, Mr.Chickee's Messy Mission,Mr.Chickee's Funny Money, and
Bucking The Sarge.
Christopher Paul Curtis was born in Flint, Michigan where the story took place. After high school he began working on the assembly line at the fisher body plant No.1 while attending the Flint branch of the University on Michigan . Eventually, he decided to take a year long break from working at the Plant and he used his time to write his first book,
The Watson's Go To Birmingham
Deza Malone
Fake family
Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Herman E Calloway
The band
Lefty Lewis
What is a

A round character is a person who you learn a lot about.
What is a

A flat character is a character that you learn very little about.
book review
What I liked best was : I liked the theme to never give up .
what I didn't like was : how Buds mother died
Book Summary
Its 1936 in Flint Michigan, times may have been hard since it was during the Great Depression. A 10 year old boy named Bud may be motherless, but he was determined to find his father. His mother left clues of who his father was. The idea of finding his father got bigger and bigger as he found more clues. After getting beat up and living in several foster homes, he set out to find his father.
I recommend this book because it shows kids that they should never give up no matter how hard things could get. I know that this is the overall THEME of the novel!
Questions We Have for the Author
How could the story have changed if it was written from another point of view?

Why did the author use Flint, Michigan in the story ?

Why did the author change cities in the story?
Favorite Scene:
The Sweet Pea (Best Restaurant in Grand Rapids )
Favorite Characters:
Bud, Miss.Thomas, Lefty Lewis, and the band.
Favorite Object in the Story:
Bud's suitcase and learning about the objects inside(Buds blanket,his flyers,his mammas picture,and his rocks.

By: Lindsey, Lucy and Justin

Bud,Not Buddy Final Presentation
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