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Nick Knight

No description

Samantha Klann

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Nick Knight

Nick Knight Awards and Accomplishments Photo Analysis Linda Evangelista Photography Education Nick Knight Attended:
Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and Design.
Graduated with a distinction in 1982. Nick Knight Vogue - Victoria Beckham Alexander McQueen Birth: November 24, 1958 in Chiswick, England Death: Presently Alive Black Rose (Flora Collection) Analysis Early Life Analysis Analysis Analysis Analysis Skinheads Mimic Portrait Original Mimic Yohji Yamamoto: Fashion Shoot Naomi Campbell
Jill Sander Nick Knight grew up in a a nice house with his parents; his father was a psychologist and his mother was a physiotherapist. His parents were slightly into the artistic world, and had a open-plane house built; inspired by Robin Day. He was originally going to follow his parents in the medical field, but after taking a biology class he learned the medical field was not for him. After learning he was not made for the medical field Nick Knight started to take up photography because there was always a camera around his house, and he learned he could use it to chat up girls. Why Nick Knight became a
photographer. Later after he got into photography and did not use it as a reason to talk to girls; he wanted to cause change. Whether, change in social issues or in the world of fashion. Nick Knight has written new boundaries in fashion and has aimed to re-write the definition of beauty.
One quote by him was
"I don't want to reflect social change - I want to cause social change." Moet Chandon Fashion Tribute for 2006 More Facts About Nick Knight Nick Knight always wears the same things to a photo shoot: a pair of black brogues(shoes) from Trickers,Levis 505 jeans, and a white shirt by Frank Foster. Outside of the studio he always wears suits. "What's the point? The point is to change." Nick Knight is married and has three children who he lives in Richmond, England with. Nick Knight is not afraid of trying something different, and people who he has worked with say they have never seen him shoot the same image twice. Flora Nick Knight takes pictures with Instagram so that he can reach a wider audience. Nick Knight has his own website that broadcasts fashion , SHOWstudio.com, and has published books, one being Skinheads. Susie Smoking What makes Nick Knight a unique photographer? One thing that makes him unique is that he is not afraid to push the boundaries of fashion, beauty, or social issues. Something that always captivates people about his photos is that they always seem to be shot in the future, and Nick knight has said that he prefers to shoot in the future rather than the present. Another thing that makes Nick Knight different from other photographers is that he believe in using photo shop. Many people do not see photo shop as s form of photography, but Nick believes that as technology creates new opportunities, thr opportunitirs should be taken. Nick Knight Photoshop.
-Lindsey Wixson in Text Talk-Garage #3 In this photo, Black Rose, Nick Knight uses black and white photography to captures the tones of grey the flower has. In color the flower would be a solid color, but with black and white the textures and shades appear more defined. Nick Knight also used some symmetry; half the flower(including the stem) reflects the other half almost perfectly. In this photograph, Nick Knight uses ring-flash photography. Which is a type of photography where a light source is arranged in a ring around the lens in order to eliminate shadows . Ring-flash is used commonly in high-fashion shoots to make the picture more glamorous, but Nick Knight was first to use the technique in fashion in 1993. Nick Knight also uses a background that enforces the post-grunge mood he was shooting. A white background could have washed the model out and made the picture seem unprofessional. In Susie Smoking, Nick Knight used depth of field to make the focus Susie. Nick Knight also uses the Rule of Thirds. Susie is between the edge of the photograph and the first third line, and the cigarette in her hand is almost on a third line. The lighting is coming from above, and the light passing through the smoke attracts the eye. The colors all blend as well, and are dark, so the cigarette and the smoke stand out even more.Susie is also looking away from the camera, and her body fills the frame. Nick Knight used vertical lines to segment the picture, and make it more attractive to the eye. Diagonal lines are also used.The lines are also the lighting, which makes the picture more unique and more eye catching. Rather than the model being completely visible; making the picture less powerful and common. Nick Knight also uses colors that blend well together, and the blue helps the black stand out. In this photo Victoria Beckham's eyes are not looking straight at the camera, making the viewers eyes look at the whole photo to see what she is looking at. Nick Knight also uses back light in this shot, making the back of Victoria and the dress lighter, All the colors are neutral, so nothing stands out. Which brings calmer feelings to a viewer. Compared to if she had been wearing a hot pink dress, which would evoke different feelings from someone looking at the photo. More Photos by Nick Knight By:Samantha Klann
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