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Copy of Football DBQ

This lesson is one of many beginning lesson for APWH students who are learning the DBQ essay

Matthew Levy

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Football DBQ

Football DBQ SITUATION DESCRIPTION: The annual Nease High School versus Bartram Trail High School football game was played Friday night. Due to family commitments I was unable to attend the game. The game was decided when Donnell Wilson caught a touchdown pass on the last play of the 4th quarter giving Nease a 14-10 victory. Monday morning when I arrived at school "everyone" was talking about the "catch" and the loss. The Task What I want to know is what REALLY happened and just how great this catch actually was. Throughout the week I spoke to the following people in an attempt to obtain the truth. As I reviewed each source I had to constantly ask myself, “What is the validity (truthfulness) of each person's comment and what is their particular expertise in the area of football. Doc 1 (Source: Tom Robard, Newspaper Reporter, Jacksonville Times-Union)
The annual Nease--Bartram football game ended in dramatic fashion when Donnell Wilson caught the game winning touchdown pass as time expired. Wilson made a leaping catch and landed safely in the end zone capping an improbable come from behind win for the Panthers.
(note: most high school game results are phoned into the newspaper sports desk by the host coach) Doc 2 (Source: Donnell Wilson, Nease Wide Receiver who caught the winning pass)

“Did you see that catch?! I mean it was great! Man I knew I had it! That D-back was nothing! I ran right by him and just reached out and pulled it in. Focus, real focus!! We're number 1!!” Doc 3 (Source: Demetrius Johnson, Defensive back who covered Donnell, Bartram Trail High School) 
“We were robbed. That guy never caught the ball, he was lying there on the ground and the ball fell in his hands. He pushed me and the ref never saw nothing. Nease is nothing but a bunch of cheats!” Objective:
Students will analyze writing skills in order to properly prepare and write an essay for the AP exam

Take out your charts from the other class. Describe and analyze the expansion of long-distance trade routes during the classical era, and assess the economic, cultural, and biological impact of this expansion in trade on two of the following societies.
• Han China
• Roman Empire
• India Three Essays:
Document Based Question
Comparative Essay
Continuity and Changes over Time Write a thesis for this question:

Analyze the similarities and differences in the collapse of TWO of the following empires.
Rome (200-600 CE)
Han (50 BCE- 220 CE)
Gupta (300-550 CE) The Han Dynasty and Gupta Empire declined to due to the outside forces, yet they
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