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Stop Motion Animation

No description

Josh Pearson

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation
Josh Pearson
Definition of Stop Motion Animation
Stop motion animation (also called stop frame animation) is animation that is captured one frame at time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. When you play back the sequence of images rapidly, it creates the illusion of movement. If you understand how 2D drawn animation (early Disney) works, stop motion is similar, except using physical objects instead of drawings.
How Stop Motion is made possible
The way in which the stop motion animation was made possible was from advances in technology from previous films. As the years have gone by there has been many major updates and advances where technology is allowing people to put together images that have been taken with little differences together as a movie.

An example of this will be wallace and gromet, this was made possible from using plaster scene and then using cameras in order to capture the image of wallace or gromet moving, this is then added to the computer to a videos edditing software when they can edit it to make them look as if they are moving.
Hardware - Stop Motion
One piece of hardware that can be used for stop motion animation is just a normal computer, this is because it will have the right settings and enough memory to cope with the demands of the project unless the project is really large. Another piece of hardware that could be used is an apple laptop, this is because it will have the processing power to handle the stop motion project.

The main advantage of both the laptop and the computers is that they are easy to access, this means that if the person is wanting to create a project then they will be able to edit at wherever they are working and also at home with the computer and laptop.
Another advantage of Apple laptops and computer is that they are really easy to use and controlling the editing will be really easy and a quicker process than other pieces of hardware. With this in mind it means that the stop motion animation will take a shorter time to create.
The main disadvantages of the Laptop and computer is that depending on the size of the stop motion project they may not hold enough data, this means that either another piece of hardware needs to be bought or memory devices to cope, this will come at a cost and will make it more expensive to produce the stop motion.
Software - Stop Motion
The first software that can be used for a stop motion animation will be Flash, this is because it is really a frame by frame process where the pictures can be inserted and changed for slight movements throughout the next stages. Another piece of software that can be used for stop motion animation will be Windows Movie Maker, this is another good method where you can stop and add different pictures and choosing the time that they last to make it flow better.

The main advantage of the Flash and Movie Maker software is that it is really easy to use and it makes it a simple process, this is a good advantage because it means that whether it is a big company or its someone just wanting to make a little home stop motion 1 minute clip then it is a simple process and easy for them to use.
The main disadvantages of the Flash and the Movie Maker is that it may not be enough advanced for creating a real movie for the larger groups.This is a disadvantage because it means that they will not be able to use these and then therefore they will be needing to buy more advanced software to run and edit the animation that they are creating.
Cel Animation

Josh Pearson

Definition of Cel animation
Cel animation can be defined as a method of creating cartoons using sheets of transparent cellulose acetate for drawing cartoon frames. The sheets are transparent so that they can be laid over other cels or a painted background and then photographed. Cel animation is highly complicated and time consuming so it has been phased out by computer generated graphics.

How CeI is made possible
The CEL animation was made possible a long time ago when there were not big advances in technology such as there are now with the CGI and also stop motion too. This was used because it was a way that people could use images that they drew as still photos to change to a little movie, this was a really popular way to do it until now where the other types are taking over.
An example of a Cel created animation will include the Simpsons, this was made possible because of the people drawing the scenes and then they were able to put these drawings together and make a little movie from them. This is a good example as the Simpsons is recognised almost everywhere worldwide and is very successful.

Hardware – CEL Animation
There is not really much hardware that is used for CEL animation, there is only really the computer that you would put the images that you have drawn on to a slideshow to put them together as a little movie. Other than this for this type of animation there is not really anymore hardware that is used.
The main advantage of this is that everything is kept really simple, this is because the drawings are drawn in their scenes and then they are copied on to the computers where they are then put together in a little slideshow and then the animation is made.
The main disadvantage is that with there being not much hardware then it is going to take a long time if doing it by hand, this means that if there are any mistakes then they will have to start from scratch and create it again, with this in mind it means that it will be a long process if there are ever any mistakes.
Software – CEL Animation
With there not being much hardware for this type of animation then there is not going to be much software either. One software that can be used for this type of animation will be movie maker, the reason that this can be used is because it is easy for people to place the images in order and set the times for each.
The main advantage of this type of software is that it is really easy to run and that means that when anyone is using it for their CEL animation they will be able to use it simply and then make their animation with not too much skills needed for creating, this means that it will be kept simple as well as having a smooth flow to the animation.
The main disadvantage with this type of software is that if the person is wanting to create their CEL animation with a bit more detail then they may not be able to achieve this with using a software like this, the reason that they do not now use more advanced technology is because the other types of animation such as the CGI are using this and therefore they want to keep this type of animation unique and simple.

CGI Animation

Josh Pearson

The images and animations created with computer software for movies and video games, as well as TV and online commercials. The myriad special effects in today's movies, which mix real actors with aliens, are mostly generated in the computer. There is no limit to the fantasy world that can be created with computer-generated imagery (CGI) techniques. To learn the basics of computer images, see graphics. See 3D graphics and 3D visualization.

How CGI is made possible
The CGI was made possible from the advances that have been made in technology over the last few years and the different things that can be created on the computer. The CGI has taken over in the movie scene and there are big films such as avatar that have been created from the new technology, Avatar was a film that the script was created many years before it was created because back when the script was made there was not enough advanced technology to create what was on the script so when the advances came through they could then make it. Others that use this type of technology include companies that are creating games for computers and consoles too, this is because they can be used to create scenes where they can use 3d which will advance the games.

Hardware CGI
There are not many people that can create CGI animation on their own computer, the reason for this is because it is quite expensive and just the everyday person will not really be able to afford this to just use as a little project. There are also other pieces of hardware that will normally be needed such as fast processer computers and also other high Gigabit memory too in order to handle the graphics.
The first advantage of the hardware will be that if the person has got this equipment then they will be able to make really professional CGI animation, this is because they will have up to date and high quality equipment that is running on computers that make the graphics run fast and therefore they will be able to make the animations quicker on these.
The main disadvantage of this hardware is that it is really expensive, this is a disadvantage because it means that only the people with enough money will be able to buy this and then therefore there are going to be less people that are able to make CGIs, this means that there could be people that may have really good ideas and then they may not have the money to buy the software and use it for animation.

Software CGI
There are lots of different software’s that are used for the creating of the CGI animation including free ones to top of the range ones. The free CGI software includes 3D crafter and blender, these are great as people are able to get these for free and then create their own little movies on these too.
The main advantage of the CGI software’s is that there are lots of free software out there for people to get and use, this is good because it means that whether the people using have lots or not much money then they both will be able to get these and then create their own movies on them and then showcase these from not having to spend too much.
The main disadvantage of the free CGI software is that with it being free the software is not going to be at a professional standard what you would get if you were going to pay lots for it. This means that there are going to be lots of animations that are made that could have been made at a better level if there was better software that was used but this may not be possible because the better software’s cost a lot more.
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