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WCISA 2013 Solar

Indian Wells, CA May 9, 2013

Dan Staley

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of WCISA 2013 Solar

Arboriculture and Solar Power: Conflict avoidance in the urban forest Dan Staley, DCS Consulting Services staley.dan@gmail.com Thursday May 9, 2013
4:15 - 5:00 http://danstaley.net State law for vegetation and solar rules (Solar Shade Control Act & 10:00-2:00)

But a tree shading a collector is a private nuisance Background Solar Access Moving Forward Solar Power is Growing Rapidly Energy Security Aging Electrical Grid BUT... Moore's Law Relevant Rooftop Collectors Photovoltaic (PV)
Solar Hot Water (SHW) Utility-scale (Barstow)
not this topic Photovoltaic PV ~200-250 watts "Average" house = ~5 KW PV Architecture Solar Hot Water SHW SHW Architecture Recap Solar increasing due to innovation & new leasing models
PV and SHW increase property values and are "contagious"
Energy security spurring installations
CA has a mismatch with laws and private remedies - opportunity? Solar Path is Known and Predictable New Targets Calculating the Sun Path Visualizing the Sun Path Best Times for Power How Do Solar Installers Do It? Analog Digital Analysis Output Analysis Output Digital Output Math? Design? Recap Sun's path is knowable
Solar access is customizable
Many ways of analyzing access Good Energy Design is Good Energy Design Silver Buckshot, Not Silver Bullets Consultations on private property
Design assistance
Municipal policy
Special Districts
Post-disaster changes Who Wants to Write Policy?! Change of Perspective Parcel Scale Information, guidelines, consultation, covenants, voluntary agreements, easements, ordinances, reference material... Parcel Scale Analysis Parcel Scale Analysis Alternate Siting: "solar gardens" Local Power Access Parcels are Different Rare and Specialized Knowledge Street Scale: Disaster, Disease or New Construction Neighborhood Scale: New Construction, Disturbance Recurring Pruning Jobs "Pruning and Planning" Asset management will be a partnership Not Managing the Asset Solar Developments Will Need to be Managed Recap Opportunities from challenges in pruning and planning Arborists can fill a need for the 'where and when' for power Knowledge can be used at several scales Leasing roofs will create demand for tree knowledge Shallow learning curve Solar is coming: be out in front. You can do it! ~10W/sq ft Future Conflicts to Manage
http://danstaley.net and permitting streamlining
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