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8 Technology Tools

There are so many educational technology tools available for students and teachers. The following presentation consists of eight technology tools that are rated from 5-1 flowers. With 5 flowers being the highest, this technology tool is the most effective

Maila Santos

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of 8 Technology Tools

Double click anywhere & add an idea This tool is a great way for teachers to keep students updated on assignments. Students are able to view what assignments they missed and when they are due. I like this tool because I am able to upload my assignments as well as keep track of what is due for the class. This tool also provides a great way to communicate with my classmates and the professor by chatting or leaving a message.
Delicious is a simple way to bookmark, tag, and bundle your favorite websites. You can share your favorite websites to your friends, family, collegues, and teachers. It is a easy to use tool. 8 Technology Tools I love using FireFox. This tool is way better than internet explorer. This web browser is fast, user friendly and easy to use. The security on this website is good because it prompts me from viruses and threats. I highly recommend this browser to people. Mozilla FireFox Google is my number #1 search engine. It is easy to use and fast. Before, I would just use google to search for information and images. Now, after taking ED 451, I was introduced to other great things that Google has to offer. Such as email, blogger, and how to condense my research using the wonder wheel. Twiddla is an online collaboration tool that’s easy to use, doesn’t require any downloads or complicated firewall stuff, and is totally free. It’s like having a whiteboard skin on top of any web page or uploaded image (or nothing at all –you can use it as a blank canvas). You can mark up this whiteboard layer and interact with the web page at the same time – all in real time, with people from all over the world.
This tool is an extreme tool to use for presentations because their animations catches the audience's eyes. However, it may be confusing to use at first but once you get the hang of it, your presentation will turn out great. I highly recommend this tool to students and teachers. It is way better than Microsoft Powerpoint. This tool is used for a tutorial for creating a website. It’s free, easy to use, it provides many examples. It also provides all the programs for creating a website. Use picnik to edit your photos. You can auto-fix, rotate, crop, resize, change the exposure, fiddle with the color, sharpen the image, eliminate red-eye and undo. This can be use for educational purposes such as digital stories, documentaries,and other type of classroom presentation. However, the downfall for this tool is that it takes a while to download. This tool is very organize, useful and fun.
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