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Star Wars

No description

Sarah Aul

on 19 April 2014

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Transcript of Star Wars

William Shakespeare's
Star Wars
By:Ian Doescher
Verily, A New Hope
"So long have I watch'd o'er him from afar, so many hours and days, of my life spent in hopeful expectation of this one. In his beginning I shall find my end; this business shall reveal mt final stage. Yet in my closing scenes perhaps I'll wright a worthy ending to my mortal days." -Page 47
Darth Vader
"The death of innocents doth brings me joy. Because the dark side in my chosen path, the senseless end of others pains me not. For I have play'd the part of judge severe and then have been the executioner. Why would i care about those on Alderaan, when I have murder'd innocents as they? 'Tis my dark calling which I do embrace. So Alderaan we fly on course direct, and to this feast of death I'll not object. -Page 78
Even thou the "force" can be parallel with modern day religious beliefs, it is actually the cause of strife in the universe of . Therefore misery and death can be attributed to the "force" and it's followers.
George Lucas
Obi-Wan was sensing this day was coming and he would have to use the force to know, he is waiting for his death. "In his beginning I shall find my end" and because of the force he knows (generally) when it is to come.
In Act 2 Scene 1 Obi-Wan has his first face to face encountering with Luke Skywalker. In this part, he uses the force to sense death.
In Act 3 Scene 1, Darth Vader has just destroyed the home of the princess. Princess Leia lived on the planet Aderaan. The misery of Leia and death of others.
Darth Vader doesn't care about the life of other people, their lives, and families. He likes it when other people suffer from misery and pain like princess Leia has to go through when Darth Vader destroys her home. The death doesn't hurt him "The senseless end of others pains me not" He knows that he can do anything he want's because he has the force and not many people do and he has the death star. This makes people fear because in theory he is one of the strongest people in the universe. He shown this very well when he destroyed Alderaan.
The movie "Star Wars" was rewritten into a five act Shakespearean play with the permission of George Lucas (the creator of Star Wars) to do so. Ian Doescher was able to publish this remake in 2013.
Luke Skywalker
"Alas, poor storm trooper, I knew ye not, yet have I ta'en both uniform and life from thee. What manner of a man wert thou? A man of inf'nite jest or cruelty? A man with helpmate and with children too? A man who hath his Empire serv'd with pride? A man, perhaps, who wish'd for perfect peace? Whate'er thou wert, good man, thy pardon grant unto the one who took thy place: e'en me. -Page 124
In Act 4 Scene 6, Luke is holding the helmet of a storm trooper that he killed to sneak into the Death Star. Death of a storm trooper, and the misery of Luke Skywalker.
Luke didn't know the storm trooper, but he still has misery about what he did. He killed a storm trooper. Even thought it is to late to tell him, he wanted to say that he was sorry and if he could, he would change what happened. That shows the misery of his actions, and clearly, the death of the storm trooper.
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