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Open-Source Software: Ups and Downloads

A brief presentation describing the advantages and disadvantages of using open-source software.

Christian Buresh

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Open-Source Software: Ups and Downloads

Open-Source Software: Ups and Downloads by Christian Buresh What is it? Non-commercial and collaborative program
Free of Charge
Free to modify to personal preferences Advantages of Open-Source Software Easily modified to personal preferences
Free of Charge
Simple to use
Widely available on the Internet

Disadvantages of Open-Source Software Reliability issues
Few avenues of technical support
No instructions
No guarantee of updates Examples of Open-Source Programs Wireshark-analyzes and maintains Wi-Fi security
WinDirStat-free up space on hard drive
GParted-divide storage media
Filezilla-file management
ClamAV-antivirus program
An Explanation References Disadvantages of open source software (2007, December 18). In Ecomsoultions. Retrieved November 29, 2012, from http://blog.ecomsolutions.net/2007/12/18/disadvantages-of-open-source-software/

Pixel, N. (Actor). (2012). Top 5 - Open source utility software [Online video]. Retrieved November 29, 2012, from
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