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AfroQuiz 2016 Prezi

No description

Akua Gyambibi

on 27 February 2016

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Transcript of AfroQuiz 2016 Prezi


Black History
Age 16-18 & Post Sec.
Ages Under 9, 10-12, 13-15
Imhotep Austin Category
Ages: 16-18

Akbar Reece Category
Black Literature
(from under 9 years old up to post-secondary)
A 24 year tradition of
jeopardy-style competition
for the young adults of
our community...
to celebrate the diversity of our collective
A special thank you to our
Sponsors and Supporters:

Imhotep Austin
Did you know?
Anansi is an African folktale character. He often takes the shape of a spider and is considered to be the spirit of all knowledge of stories. He is also one of the most important characters of West African and Caribbean folklore.
Andrew Nii Armah Vanderpuye
is a Secondary School math team leader, teacher, youth mentor, and championship-winning coach at Steele Heights Junior High in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He began his teaching career teaching math and the sciences at Eastglen High School – successfully educating future scientists, doctors, engineers, and teachers, as well as professional athletes. He studied at the University of Alberta earning a BSc (Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Physics) and a BEd (Bachelor of Education degree in Secondary Education).
In University, he was a member of various clubs, including the University of Alberta Black Students’ Association and the U of A Step Team, and he contributed to multiple organizations supporting the education of youth and adults. Andrew has spent some time assisting with AfroQuiz early during his university career, and after, by helping to compile and set-up questions to help educate youth on countries and cultures reflected in the African diaspora.
He currently resides with his beautiful, intelligent, and supportive wife, Salome, along with his two young sons, Isaiah and Samson.

iPad Mini 3
Samsung Galaxy
Microsoft Surface
Akbar Houston-Reece
Win Amazing Prizes!
The AfroQuiz Post Secondary Category was named “The Imhotep Austin” Category in honor of Imhotep Makesi Anan Jela Austin, a longtime student and then tutor in the CCACH Tutoring Program as well as a frequent contestant and volunteer in the AfroQuiz competition.

He was considered by many to be easygoing, pleasant, and a good listener who was always concerned about the people with whom he conversed. He believed that everyone should try to achieve his potential and would proffer advice to young and old about the value of choosing careers that they liked, rather than doing what they disliked for monetary gain.

Even with his busy schedule, he found time to be involved in the community. As education and being a positive role model were very important to Imho, for many years, on Saturdays, he would tutor youth with the Council of Canadians of African and Caribbean Heritage (CCACH). While there, he developed a strong bond with the children he tutored and his fellow tutors.
The AfroQuiz 16-18 Category was named “The Akbar Reece″ Category in honor of Akbar Hashim Houston-Reece, a longtime student in the CCACH Tutoring Program and a frequent contestant in the AfroQuiz competition. His former tutor, Maurica Montrose, remembers Akbar:

"Akbar was not just a student that came to our tutoring program, but part of our village that raises children. Words do injustice in explaining how much we miss Akbar and he will forever remain in our thoughts and prayers. No one will ever be able to replace such a special person."
Max Omar
Rod Loyola
Nonsikelelo Mathe
Shoko Cesar
Tina Cesar (via Sympa)
Sunge Matenda
Pam Munoz
Mesgana Tesfamicael
Tina Mtshiya
Siyani Nsaliwa
Julie Forbes
Chaka Zinyemba
Oliver Kamau
Yannick Tchania
Adeola Babalola
Maurica Montrose
Tina Mtshiya
Donna Coombs Montrose
Ines Cesar
Karl Mitchell

AfroQuiz Volunteers:

Melody Cesar
Siyani Nsaliwa
Nicole Andrews
Nonsikelelo Mathe
Pam Munoz
Karlus Andrews
Emmela Gondwe
Martha Gondwe-Nsaliwa
Karl Mitchell
Maurica Montrose
Thomas Allie
Nqobile Mtshiya
Chaka Zinyemba
Osayuki Emokpae

This year's theme:
Black Literature
Measha Brueggergosman is a Canadian soprano who performs both as an opera singer and concert artist. She has won numerous national and international awards. Brueggergosman is the Goodwill Ambassador for the African Medical & Research Foundation (AMREF), a charity working for Better Health in Africa.
Measha Brueggergosman
AfroQuiz Jeopardy Rules...

Stay Connected with

Facebook page:

AfroQuiz By CCACH

Reakash Walters
is an Edmonton-based community activist with a passion for equality and the politics of change. She has been featured in publications like the Edmonton Journal, Afropunk, the CBC and more. In her free time, Reakash enjoys rock climbing, practicing yoga, and political canvassing -- because there's always electoral change around the corner.
has been heavily involved in the Caribbean community since she was a child. Being of Trinidadian decent she was introduced to steel drums & various genres of music from the Caribbean islands. Her parents immigrated to Canada in 1970. In 1982 her father, Cecil George, created two things that helped shape Cherelle as the patriotic Canadian Trinidadian she is today, Trincan Steel Orchestra and one of Western Canada’s largest Caribbean festival, Cariwest. She was brought up in a family that had such a great passion for the arts and this is where she knew she belonged. Cherelle is currently running her own Caribbean Inspired Fitness class with her partner/fiance Errol Scott, for more information please visit www.mysocafit.ca.
CCACH Tutoring Promotion
Are you in grades 1-12? Are you looking for extra help to boost your marks at school? Then CCACH Tutoring is for you! CCACH Tutoring has highly skilled tutors who are ready to assist you. Not only will they give you the academic skills you need, they will provide mentorship to you in life skills. You will definitely experience success if you enrol in the CCACH tutoring program.
Contact Nicole Andrews at 780-935-3213 for information & registration details.
CCACH Board of Directors
Siyani Nsaliwa-President
Nicole Andrews, Oliver Kamau, Sandra Muchekeza, Jeannette Austin-Odina, Judy Robinson, Steve Sadi, Edge Samuel, Mesgana Tesfamicael, Chaka Zinyemba

AfroQuiz Elders
Mrs. Jeannette Austin-Odina-Teacher Consultant, Edmonton Public School Board
Mrs. Etty Cameron-Retired Teacher
Dr. Jennifer R. Kelly- Professor, Theoretical, Cultural & International Studies in Education, Department of Educational Policy Studies.
Jean Augustine visiting Chair in Education in the New Urban Environment, York University
Dr. Chris Nsaliwa-Director of Edmonton Immigrant Services Association
Contestants will choose questions from the categories on the jeopardy board.

The answer must be given in the form of question (ie. What is…or Who is…)

The Under 9 years old contestants will have 15 seconds to answer questions, and contestants 13 and older will have 10 seconds to answer questions.

If a contestant’s answer is called into question by the MCs, it is the duty of the judges to decide if the answer is acceptable. No partial points shall be given.

Audience members are NOT ALLOWED to help the contestants in ANYWAY (no shouting or whispering answers, no hand gestures) or they will be asked to leave the auditorium.

Everyone is a winner! All contestants will receive a book as a prize for participating
Photographer Claudia Matus
Graphic Designer Louise Labrecque
Darren Jordan & 5 Artists 1 Love
Sympa Cesar
Global Morning News
Edmonton Metro News
CTV Edmonton Morning Live
Shaw TV, Han TV
Vue Weekly

CCACH and AfroQuiz are proud to receive funding from Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada

AfroQuiz Partners
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