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The Cask of Amontillado

No description

Brianna Warga♥

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The Cask of Amontillado

The Cask of Amontillado
Main Characters
I think that the theme is 'revenge is bitter sweet'. Revenge feels great in the moment, but then you feel remorse... Montresor gets his revenge but feels a little remorse.
Unreliable Narrator
Montresor is the unreliable narrator, because we don't know if he is telling the truth. He seems untrustworthy and like he is hiding something from us. He knows the whole truth but hides it from us. We don't know why he wants revenge other than an "insult" but was that insult kill worthy? We will never know...
Montresor feels that Fortunato insulted him and declares revenge. Montresor meets up with Fortunato and lures him into his home.
Rising Action
Montresor and Fortunato walking through the catacombs...Montresor "trying" to turn him back. By giving Fortunato more wine and insulting him, Montresor makes Fortunato want to keep going.
Montresor chaining Fortunato up and beginning to brick him in...
Falling Action
Montresor pulls out a sword and stabs Fortunato after he screams and shakes the chains. They scream back and forth for a little and Fortunato screams and laughs thinking it's a joke. Montresor continues to brick in Fortunato.
Montresor calls with no answer from Fortunato. He throws the torch down the niche. Fortunato is dead. Montresor bricks up everything and feels some remorse.
Story Specific
Consumed by revenge; sinister; cold & precise killer who gets joy out of killing and feels it is necessary. He is unsympathetic, maniacal, an unreliable narrator and a victimizer. He is the protaganist and antagonist.
Drunk; addicted to wine; insensitive; prideful and greedy; to trusting; victim; hurts Montresor
There is so much suspense in this story, it literally keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Right off the bat, Poe has started with suspense...Montersor is explaining how he is plotting revenge against Fortunato for insulting him. Then Montersor meets up with the cause of his maddness and obsession for revenge. He leads Fortunato into his vaults and down the long hallways... this makes me want to read more. Then Montresor leads him into the hole in the wall and kills him, bricking him in after. There is always suspense.
Man V.S. Man
Montresor V.S. Fortunato
There is an on-going conflict between these two characters throughtout the entire story. Montresor is 'insulted' by Fortunato, so he feels like he has to get even or get revenge. This is a life long on-going battle that has come to a boil, and Montresor is out to kill Fortunato. Montresor finally getting his revenge kills Fortunato.
The dramatic and verbal irony create a creepy but funny tone and mood...creepy in the sense of the killing and the dark catacombs; funny in the sense of Fortunato is drunk the entire time and does not understand he is being lead to his death.
multi-colored costume worn by a clown or jester
heavy knee-length cloak
type of red wine
slender two-edged sword
large wine casks
expert knowledge
candlesticks or flaming pieces of wood
watery discharge
leave hurriedly or secretly
a loud and confused noise
Plot Chart/Summary
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