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qi shen

on 18 April 2013

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Improvement Structure Création d'un espace collaboratif Key points Navigation Content Header Administration Hierarchy

Web browser compatibility


Evolution Page Content Slideshow Contact Information Calender Files Extra Plugins Maps Videos Thank you for your attention! Our Page Administration Groupes Members Blog Based on an existed website Engine-Elgg Plugins Marketing plan • La vie en Loire et Sillon

• Visiter les villes touristiques

• Entreprendre en Loire et Sillon

• Communauté de commune www.cc-loiresillon.fr Elgg • Open source

• Accessibility (using mainly HTML and PHP coding)

• License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Plugins used Basic:
• Blogs
• Activity
• Articles
• Word Editor
• File reader and File folder Marketing Strategies • E-mail marketing (target different groups of people)

• Theme and toolbar


• Like, share, upload and download files Chat Link to existing page Client: Thomas FOURNAISE
Tutors:Chiristine EVAIN, Myriam SERVIERE
Group members: Yifeng SUN, Qi SHEN, Lisa TAKAGI Project description Login Menu Header Advanced:
• Online chat
• sub-group
• Maps
• Event calendar
• Videos and photos Administration:
• Google analytic
• Login system, Recaptcha
• Email verification Files folder Files Editor Photos Chat individually Source Page Chat room Why Elgg? Google Analytics Inscription Marketing Plan Visual design Green White Blue Email Verification E-mail Marketing Example http://www.cc-loiresillon.fr/ Our Community http://cd-loire.campus.ec-nantes.fr/ SEO Keywords
Linked to related page Goal Facilitate communication

Divided into two parts : Private and Public

Hierarchy Developping plan 1. Define our roles
2. Set up our website in Local host
3. Work individually to find out the plugins
4. Apply for the school web host for testing
5. Work together for the problems
6. Delivery User documentation https://cd-loire.campus.ec-nantes.fr/
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