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Advice for Miss Reynolds to help her in her "views"

Advice from my kindergarten class on how to be a good teacher and know everything I need to know in my "views" or interviews.

Caroline Reynolds

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Advice for Miss Reynolds to help her in her "views"

How to be a teacher, wise words
for Miss Reynolds from her K5 class
"Thank you for writing something good." Lydia
"My favorite thing we did was
playing simon says outside with the money." After asking my students what they thought was important for a teacher to know how to do, I discovered that despite their small stature, playful mind, and sponge for learning they actually know what it takes to be a teacher. They are so observant and they unkowningly helped me discover the secrets to whwat it takes. Julia
"you have to give us tests so you know
what we know and what we don't" Jay
"When you asked me to write
best I can in my journal, that was real hard, but I did it." Trey
"I like when you teach us
with Promethean board, that google earth thing, math, unifex cubes to measure and a ruler." Hannah
"When we learned about those
plants and watched them grow
before we got to take it home." Georgia
"you teach us at your table, and sometimes
we get to play and you write things sometimes." Conner
"you need my ant-bite kit" Jakel
"To be a teacher you need to know about getting people quiet, being patient, and getting attention. you can clap hands, put your finger to your mouth, or sometimes you just put a sticker up there and that makes me sit real nice." Madeline
"you have to be smart to be a teacher,
if you don't know you ask or find out" Tamia
"its important to work with
other teachers" Thea
"my favorite thing we did with
you was making paper" Reagan
"It was real hard, when we had
to count to 100, but on 100 day I counted all the way" Cely
"To be a teacher, you have to be able
to relate to kids." Ava
"I had hard times when we had to put those shamrocks, you know when the leprechaun came, and we had to put together those shamrocks." -Adding Bennett
"You need to be able to listen to us" William
"I love to journal write
you teach us words and we learn what we say and how to spell it." Charlie
"You need to read, little books, big ones, baggie books" Sharbel
"when we went outside to blow up that volcano, you know the candies and the bottle, and it exploded." Katherine
"I love when you let us draw on the promethean board, and go on trips on google earth" Jelani
"Calendar songs are my favorite, I love to sing and dance, it makes me learn. Wiley
"Learned the best in large group
and I love when you let us get messy." Amelia
"I learn when you tell us what we to do at the tables we do." Jamarcus
"I gots 8 stickers from you Miss Reynolds, that good?" Augusta Circle Elementary
5K Student Teaching Experience
Spring 2010 Be a Team Player Coach Drake Coach Dunlap Accept Challenges and be challenging High Expectations higher order thinking skills Want to be there Environment Promote Positive Behavior Give Expectations Safety Loving and Nurturing Be a lifelong Learner Be Aware Assessments Informal Formal Be prepared Be engaging Celebrate "Every child deserves the same experience from day to day." Use Various Instruction Strategies Be Hands On Integrate subjects Incorporate Technology Make learning fun Inquiry-based lessons Academic Success Behavior success the children and their love for life Laurence
"You are a teacher you
know so much more than me."
"Do you think I know everything?"
"No, you don't know everything
you have to study."
"Why would Ineed to study?"
"To make sure you know what you sayin." Coach Reynolds After being in this class for what seemed like just a few days
I learned about being enthusiastic, being prepared, celebrating even the little things, be aware of the students and their progress, make the environment welcoming to all, be there day to day with the idea that the child is important and their learning and ideas are what makes learning fun.
It was an absolute joy working in Kindergarten with Mrs. Drake and Mrs. Dunlap. I never thought I would love kindergarten as much as I do now, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn here from all the people that make this school great, but especially from Mrs. Drake.
Thank you for such a wonderful student teaching experience
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