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Get to know Hyper Pro Training

During this virtual walk through you will get a better idea as to why so many people are raving about Hyper Pro Training

Brooklyn Jongkind

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Get to know Hyper Pro Training

skype: senseibrooklyn
Over 40 camp options available
Camp tees, wrist bands, & DVD's
1 day - 1 week Camp Itineraries available
Marketing & Seasons
Over 10 years of video curriculum
Get your staff up to speed with our Instructor tools, guides, videos, training and more. We even have our own DJ that keeps you up to date with some killer mixes
Hyper Pro Training
Thank you for your interest in
Take a moment to look around my desk, I think I might have some things that you might be interested in. Then let me know what questions you have.
***use the space bar to navigate***
More tools for success!
With over 10 years of, innovative & fun, curriculum this is where you will spend the majority of your time.

All of the modules run for 12 weeks, with Challenge weeks during weeks 5 and 10 to keep it exciting!

There is even a booklet to print and follow along with
Pro School
Marketing, Activity Sheets & Awards
You will notice that Hyper provides you with all of the tools you need to find the success you are looking for, and a coach to boot.
I hope you were able to find something interesting, in amongst the clutter on my desk.

Thanks again for your interest. Let me know if you would like to jump on board & we will make an action plan that can help us start seeing some of the many benefits that Hyper has to offer.

Let's GO!!

Stay Up to date with the hottest music for your classes & camps. They are mixed, edited & ready to play!
Everything you need to run the program like a Pro and take your training to the next level!
Want to run an exciting event?
Everything you need to promote it & run it is available for download
Build the right culture in your school & change the perception of what you do in your community.
Powerful Retention Strategies
Give your students & your community a fun way to interact with you using our unique challenges
- Create repeat camp goers with our camp gift cards!

- Create that exclusive group that everyone wants to be apart of by making it invitation only.

- Educate parents on why Hyper is where their kids need to be with the Student Enrollment Powerpoint
Learn & teach, or have your students follow along the awesome step by step instructional videos!
Easy to follow videos of all your favorite kicks & combos, by all of your favorite Hyper Pro Athletes!
Using a heavier wood the Solid Foundations is designed to introduce each weapon & help build the basic foundations of each weapon
With difficulty levels ranging from 1-9 the Hyper Pro Weapons has something for everyone. Teaching weapons has never been so easy & fun!
Common Camp Numbers:

1 day: $75 - $100
(20 kids x $75 = $1,500)

1 week: $200 - $250
(20 kids x $200 = $4,000)
(Includes Camp T-shirt & DVD)
The most unsuccessful camp ever was the one no one heard about.

Take your image to the next level with the professional Camp Marketing Material available for download
Create a camp experience like no other with our camp activity sheets & cool awards
Whether you don't know how to run a successful camp, you've never run one before, or you just don't have the action plan to do so, we have you covered. Ready for use day/week long camp class management & itineraries are available also!
Do it right. Create a camp experience that is talked about by all that attend & desired by those that didn't.

Including special Camp T-shirts & DVD's is a powerful way to build excitement, create repeat camp goers, and build some school spirit.

There is nothing better than promoting a future camp with pictures & videos from your last camp! So always make sure everyone is in their camp tees every day!
Like seriously,
How sick are these posters?!
As you can see, each 12 week module is broken up into easy to follow weekly lesson plans
To help you build an Athlete Mindset there are unique quotes included each week that you can cover with your class.

Most schools put these on the wall, or on a big white board for all to see. Sending out in emails & posting on social media is good as well!
Hypers workout sessions are fun, easy to follow along with, and best of all they are done by Roland & some of the Hyper Pro Athletes!

Students absolutely LOVE following along, on the flat screen or projector, as they warm up for their class!
Brand New Additions!

Hyper Trick School
With Dan Perez
Kung Fu
***Each module runs for 12 weeks
Each week you, or your team lead, will log in and follow the weekly lesson plan made for this season.

This is week one of the Kung Fu Athlete series.
Each week you, or your team lead, will log in and follow the weekly lesson plan made for this season.

This is week one of the Hyper Trick School.
Over 7 years of unique, modern curriculum!
Over 7 years of unique, modern curriculum!
Over 7 years of unique, modern curriculum!
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