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Africa: Government & Religion

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on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Africa: Government & Religion

Religion & Government Africa The African Religion & Culture Main Religions in medieval Africa Islam
Traditional African religions The Swahili (Meaning "people of the coast") culture was a combination of African and Muslim influences Many African groups believed in one supreme god Sunni Ali, Muhammud Ture, Askia Muhammad, and Mansa Musa- four African kings who were all Muslims- influenced Africa's religion during their rule Government The African empire was divided into provinces These provinces were ruled by lesser kings or conquered leaders Provinces were then divided into smaller districts, which were ruled by chiefs of a clan (group of people descended from the same ancestor) The government of the African society was a Monarchy The towns people had meetings with the King {Or in some cases Queen} to discuss important affairs of the town The National Honor of the Trousers The Trousers The "National Honor of the Trousers" is when the king honored military heroes with wide trousers to wear. The greater the hero, the wider the trousers. The reasoning of the Trousers In the african society it was well known for someone who was honored to get Trousers.. The reason that people received the pants as a token of honor, is the fact that only the royal family could wear stitched clothing. People in the African society used to just drape cloth over top of them instead of constructing proper clothing. Government Con. When the king died, the throne of Ghana was passed on the son of the king's sister (the king's nephew) Kings of Ghana replied on the help of a council of ministers, a group who advised the king The Songhai empire built on traditions of Ghana and Mali. Sunni Ali was a Songhai ruler who died before he could set up his government. This centralized government allowed kingdoms to prosper and kept the peace between them Ibn Battuta was a Moroccan lawyer who traveled through the lands of Islam for almost 30 years Mansa Musa Ruled 1312-1337 Mansa Musa lead the first pilgrimage to Makkah in 1324, which brought attention to Mali. After this, the kingdom of Mali was put on the map. http://videos.howstuffworks.com/discovery/29493-assignment-discovery-history-of-timbuktu-video.htm Video During this pilgrimage Mansa Musa declared himself the leader of of the great empire.
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