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Superman Syndrome

No description

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Superman Syndrome

Superman Syndrome
(XYY Syndrome)

What is Superman Syndrome?
Superman Syndrome is a genetic disorder in which a male is born with an extra "Y" chromosome. This is a non-disjunction of the 23rd chromosome. There is a theory that men with this disorder tend to have criminal behavior but that is only with rare few men. Most men live normal lives with this disorder.
What is the Diagnosis of this disorder?
Typically males with this disorder don't usually show signs unless they are having learning or behavior issues.
Which Chromosome is Affected by this Disorder?
The chromosome that is affected by this disorder is the 23 chromosome which gives the male an extra copy of the "Y", so instead of having 46 he has 47.
What is the Mortality Rate of this Disorder?
The mortality rate is normal with any male with this disorder. Most males can live most of their lives not knowing that they have the disease. Though there is a rare case that few males do have criminal behaviors from this disorder.
Are there symptoms of this disease?
Yes symptoms of the disease are minor but they include...
Male being taller than the average height.
Accelerated growth.
Learning and speech problems.
Weaker bones or muscles.
Anger management issues.
Depending on the male some infertility issues.
Who discovered this disorder?
Two scientists by the names of Joe Hin Tjio and Albert Levan.
What is the Population of People Affected by this Disorder?
Statistics say that 1 in every 1,000 boys will be affected by this disease.
Who are some Famous People with this Disorder?
A serial killer by the name of Arthur Shawcross was affected by this disorder. Arthur was also known as the Genessee River Killer for his heinous crimes.
Picture Time!
What are some Treatments for this Disorder?
This disease CAN NOT be cured but patients can be help with their learning and behavior. Also for the males that are facing infertility issues can see a specialist for help.
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