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Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens

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alicia jimenez fernandez

on 24 February 2016

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Transcript of Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist

All About Oliver Twist
Archetypes and Symbols
Behind The Scenes of Oliver Twist
In Conclusion...
In the novel Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens, struggles of morality is exemplified throughout social classes, within themselves and their environment. The novel begins with Oliver's birth and the death of his mother, Agnes Fleming. As an orphan, Oliver is continuously sent to different bad conditioned orphanages and is given a bad name because of his social rank. After continuous abuse, Oliver escapes the orphanage to go live off on his own. With no money, Oliver decides to stay with a friend he meets on the streets, Dodge. Little does Oliver know that he has been put in a home full of thieves. Oliver twits live different adventures take him to find a real loving family
Setting and Time Period
London, England
Victorian Era
19th century
About the Author
Charles Dickens is born into a poor family with little understanding of fiances, and therefore everyone but Charles is sent to prison until debts are repaid.
Was forced to work at Warren's BlackHand factory at the age 7 until his parents were released, at the age of 13.
His mom forces him to go back for two years to the factory, until his father saves him and sends him to school.
It is told said that Charles was psychology scarred and grateful for his father releasing him and sending him to school.
He becomes a very famous novelist, who is still known today for many of his novels.
Charles Dickens tries to portray the problems of the Victorian Era using his novels.
He portrays his life through his characters, and in this case, he represents Oliver Twist.
Oliver and him both start their lives as poor, hard laboring children, at the lowest class rank on the pyramid.
Both are saved by a father figure from their misery.
End their lives happily, however society still has the same problems.
Similar to his other novel, A Christmas Carol, reverse of fortune. Scrooge begins as a selfish and unhappy man and the novel as a generous, kind hearted person.
Archetypes and Symbols
The antagonist Monks tries to stop Oliver from being the person that he is.
Oliver's aunt, Rose takes Oliver under her wing, teaches him to read, write and to be a better person overall.
Battle between Good and Evil:
This represents the battle between Oliver, good and light and Monks, evil, and dark.
Main characters
OLIVER TWIST : It is the main character in the novel , is poor , has 12 years and is orphaned at birth. He grew up in an orphanage in London.
MONKS : It's actually half brother Oliver , is evil and ambitious , with a red spot on the neck . His real name is Edward Leeford.
FAGIN : A Jewish old thief is very clever. . At first he was poor until he formed a gang of thieves ( the majority children) who stole for him.
BILL SIKES : It is one of the most dangerous characters, about 35 years old. Service thief Fagin since childhood, is a brutal criminal whose girlfriend is Nancy . He is one of the leaders of the plans of theft. Whose fate in the end, it will have against him.
NANCY : Thief Fagin serving about 17 years. Really hates that kind of life. He is in love with Sikes , why hold their abuse. Feel sorry for Oliver and does not want to end like a criminal , so he conceals his own life , trying to get him away from the marginal life he hates

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Dickens portrays himself as Oliver Twist.
That those of higher class status are the happiest in life.
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