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The Last Lecture

No description

Sara Rivera

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture;
Randy Pauch

Secondary Characters;
Information about the author;
Randy Paush
- born October 23rd, 1960
- discovered he had pancreatic cancer Sept. 2006
- passed away July 25,2008
- studied computer science
-worked in Disney Imagineers
- was a professor at Carnegie Mellon
Enjoy life, and truly deeply live your live like if it was your last day.
Climax, Problem and Solution
- First person
- Telling his experience
Fulfill your dreams
- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
- Virginia, USA
- Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Primary Characters;
Randy Pausch: Professor in the computer science department.
Jai: Randy’s wife
Dylan: Randy’s 5 year old son.
Logan: Randy’s 2 year old son.
Chloe: Randy’s 1 year old daughter.

Elephant in the room
Winning ticket
No football
Wining big
Stuffed animals
Ceramic salt and pepper shaker
"Brick Wall"
Dental car
Razing the white flag
Decks of card
VCR/ hammer
Thin mints
Crayon box
Open and Close doors
Promise Land
Reminder of who he was before he died of pancreatic cancer
INGL 3103 KG1
Sara Rivera
Debbie Lee Oliveras
Jesus Alvarado
Jonathan Lopez
Emmanuel Lozada

- Pancreatic Cancer
- Writing his last lecture
- The way he handled it
Prof. Mildred Serra Gonzalez
Nov. 12, 2013

Michele Reiss: Psychoterapist.
Steve Seabolt: Executive at Electronic Arts (Video-Game Maker)
Randy’s Mother: English teacher.
Randy’s Dad: World War II medic.
Tammy: Randy’s Sister
Jack Sheriff: One of Randy’s childhood friends
Jim Graham: football coach, 6.4 feet tall
Captain James T. Kirk: Commander of the Starship Enterprise(Star Trek)
William Shatner: Captain’s Kirk actor.

Snoddy: Brilliant Imaginner on Disney.
Dean Wormer: Dean from the university of Virginia
Jessica Hodgins: Randy’s friend and colleague.
Herbert Zeh: Pittsburgh’s surgeon.
Robert Wolff: Randy’s oncologist.
Robbee Kosak: Carnegie Mellon’s vice president for advancement.
Scott Sherman: Randy’s friend from freshman year.

Andy Van Dam: Legendary computer science professor.
Chris: Tammy’s 19 years old son.
Laura: Tammy’s 21 years old daughter.
Ballooner: Balloon driver.
Bob: died of cancer.
Police Officer: Police from Virginia.
Tommy Burnett: 22 year old artist.
Don Marinelli: Randy’s colleage
Jared Cohon: Carnegie Mellon’s President.
Diana Sawyer: TW news anchor.
M.R Kelsey: women from church

Caitlin Kelleher: Randy’s former student.
Neil Armstrong: First man to set foot on the moon.
Sandy Blatt: Randy’s Landlord during graduate school, quadriplegic.
Jackie Robinson: First African American to play Major League Baseball.
Gabe Robins: Randy’s friend and fellow professor.
Dennis Cosgrove: One of the early fathers of the Alice project.
Norman Meyrowitz: Randy’s classmate, executive at Macromedia Inc.
MK Haley: 27 year old Disney Imagineer
Nico Habermann: The Head of Carnegie Mellon’s computer science department.
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