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Are School Uniforms Necessary?

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Chelsea Yang

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Are School Uniforms Necessary?

By: Chelsea
School uniforms have been proven to prevent students from creatively expressing themselves, showing their true selves and style and other things like that. But at the same time, they encourage students to focus more on work than appearances and have less distractions. So are uniforms either good or bad for the school?
My Opinion
Why some people say they are necessary
The Issue
Are School Uniforms Necessary?
I think uniforms are not necessary, for these reasons:
-Young people express their feelings through their clothes sometimes. Uniforms take away this.
-They inhibit students' freedom of choice
-Schools teach that this country is free. Then they make them wear what they want -_-
-They cost a lot, waste money, get parents broke and don't even look good.
-They represent that everyone's the same, even though they're not.
-Students can`t show their own clothes
-Not everyone will feel comfortable
-Can`t tell people apart from their clothes
-They encourage students to focus more on work than appearances
-Less distractions (bright colours)
-Students won't wear inappropriate clothing
-Won't be judged on their clothes
-Give students identity
-Represent the school
-Look neater
-Spend less time picking out outfits in the morning
In conclusion, I still think that uniforms are not necessary, because in the beginning, even though there were a lot of good points for why it is necessary, why it wasn't had more. Most of the websites I checked had more cons about them than pros, and most of the people I surveyed agreed that school uniforms are not good for the students. .
17 people said 'yes'
1 person said 'no'
Class Survey
7 people didn't
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