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Legal Punishment - Chapter 15

No description

Sam Buemi

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Legal Punishment - Chapter 15

Over 2 million in Jail or 1/136
Some Quick Stats
Imprisonment affects criminal & FAMILY!
US Has Highest Incarceration Rate
Avg Cost to house inmate 24-40k/yr.
60% minorities
African Americans 7x more likely to be imprisoned
60% of Black high school dropouts
are prisoners/ex cons
by mid-30's
Mostly Drug
Countries w/ most
prisoners: china, Sudan
Iran, & US -
USA Tops them ALL!
Nature of Legal
Most visible-imprisonment
Also: fines, work, death,rehab
Strict set of Rules
States inflict harm/pain
When is punishment justified?
Law must have force behind it
Law thought to be preventative
Does Deterrence work?
Problematic Aspects
Will not deter crimes of passion
Will not work in:
cost/benefit analysis
Not just punishment but rehab
Pain is never a good thing
Punishment justified; pay for crime
Based on past action
"justice is done"
2 types of Payment
to pay back in equal
Problematic Aspects
Does not undo
any wrong
How do we
restore wrongs?
Justice-when one is punished
Is justice emotionally
Punishment & Responsibility
Key element in legal system:
Punishment & Responsibility
M'Naughton Rule-
People responsible for their own actions only if they know what they're doing.
Death Penalty
Is pain &
suffering of import?
Legal Justice
States that have capital punishment have 40%
higher crime rates than states that do not have
capital punishment!
not all acts of punishment
are justified according to this
Learn More About the Occurrence of Crime @
Cost of Life:
In Prison-800k/person
Death Penalty -2-5 million/person
Proportional-return back
in proportional sense
How Do We Know If Someone Is Insane?
What are some reasons
for Punishment?
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