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ellie the elephant

No description

karissa vasquez

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of ellie the elephant

ellie the elephant and her magical foods
Ellie's favorites are strawberries and pasta. Strawberries are a
simple carb
, so it moves fast through your body. Pasta is a
complex carb
, it runs slower and saves some in your body making it
comes from a plant that is also found in the food we eat. When Ellie's tummy hurts she eats foods like carrots, apples, and corn because those foods are rich in fiber and fiber makes you go poop c:
Diet Fibers !
Ellie lovessss ice cream, but ice cream isn't so good for you. Its
saturated fat
which makes more fat in your blood than there should be (
). So instead of ice cream, Ellie tries to eat
unsaturated fat
foods like almonds, peanut butter, and fruit.
Good fats and bad fats !
is an important nutrient your body needs to be healthy and function correctly. There are 2 types:
Water soluble
Fat soluble
. Water soluble need to absorb water like a sponge so they can work & Fat soluble are stored in your body. Some of Ellie's favorite foods have vitamins
Vitamins !
Carbohydrates !
ldl (BAD!)
vitamin b-

vitamin p-
(water soluble)
vitamin k-

vitamin a-
(fat soluble)
Minerals !
is nutrients for your body.
: strong bones and teeth

: healthy heart & kidneys
: oxygen-carrying blood cells
: regulate blood
Water !
Ellie drinks about
64 ounces a day
just to make sure shes hydrated c: You know Ellie says you should drink water everyday cause 1. it
tastes good
! , 2. helps your kidneys
flush all the toxins
out, and 3. helps your tummy feel better when you need to
go to the bathroom
Phytonutrients !
is a nutrient in your food that protects your fruits & veggies from germs.
Beta Carotene
- converts to vitamin A which improves your vision, immune system, & skin.
- good for your skin and heart
Dietary Supplements !
are substances you eat or drink. In these supplements there can be vitamins or minerals, but have some risks that can effect your body.
3 things not to do when taking these:
do not
replace with regular medication
do not
combine supplements
do not
combine with medicine
Picking the right foods
Sometimes Ellie just eats things without even knowing whats in it because it tastes so good, but that's not healthy :c Its important to look at the
nutrition facts
(amount of calories and nutrients in one serving) on the back of anything in a wrapper and to know your
serving sizes
so you know whats healthy and the right amount for you c:
Eating breakfast
Why you should eat breakfast everyday:
1. provides energy & nutrients
2. increases focus in classroom
3. important for maintaining healthy body weight

Whats in your breakfast:
1 egg, piece of whole wheat toast, any fruit and a cup of milk !
(try it ! c:)
Food Poisoning xc
is an illness caused by food contaminated with toxins, bacteria, viruses and parasites.
How to prevent these:
1. keep your hands & cooking utensils clean
2. cook food thoroughly (raw meats, poultry, fish)
3. keep food at safe temperatures
4. use clean water
Well boys & girls I hope you had fun learning about some of Ellie's favorite foods and how important it is to keep your foods healthy so you can grow up to be strong and healthy ! c: Ellie says goodbye and to stay healthy and eat your fruits and veggies please !!!! c:

Ellie the Elephant c:
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