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Rhode Island PM

No description


on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Rhode Island PM

Rhode Island PM
Economic Location
Clingstone mansion
Historic Location

The General Nathanael homestead in Coventry
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Rhode Island's Economy
Rhode Island's History
Rhode Island's Geography
Rhode Island's Government
Road Trip Distance
Clingstone mansion is 103 years old

It is in the middle of the sea

It has been the same since 1905

It is on its own island
Statehouse building in Providence,Rhode Island
George Washington memoreal forest in Gloucester
Geographic Location
Was founded in 1932

It was Rhode Islands first state forest

covers 4,000 acres of land
home of revolutionary General Nathanael Greene

opened as a museum in 1924

The General Nathneal homestead is 243 years old
water fire
Water fire has fire on water

1 million people visit it each year

more than 80 bon fires in the river
The most popular jobs are doctors,dentists,nurses,researchers, technicians,and tourists.
Rhode island is the smallest state

bird:Rhode island red hen


Rhode Island was the 13th state to become a state

the tennis hall of fame is in Rhode island`

The first torpedo boat was called "Stiletto".It was built in Bristol rhode island in 1887.

George M. Cohan was born in Providence in 1878. He wrote, "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy,"

State tree:Acer rubrum

the first circus in the United States was in Rhode Island

its illegal to throw pickle juice on a trolley in Rhode island

Nickname: ocean state

It is 1,212 square miles
we took you 2 ,013 miles
slave trading began in Newport

Giovanni da Verrazzano explores Narragansett bay

King Philip starts war

Rhode Island is the 13th state to join the USA

Amarican and british people fought in the Rhode Island War
Most of Rhode Island is covered in forests and trees.
The governor is Lincon Chafee.
The senators are Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse.
Jack Reed Sheldon Whitehouse
This is a road map of Rhode Island.
This is a road map because it shows the roads in a state.

This is a physical map of Rhode Island.This shows rivers,oceans,deserts,and mountainns
This is a political map of Rhode Island.A political map shows cities, countries,and etc.
This is a topigraphical map of Rhode Island.This type of map shows almost the same featers as a physical but it shows valleys ,plains and etc.
It was built in 1895

It had a major renovation in 1990

It is 118 years old

It is made of 327,000 cubic feet white Georgia marble
Political Location
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