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How to chooce the right dog

No description


on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of How to chooce the right dog

Buy the general items
You can't adopt a dog then give it no food, water, a bed, toys and obviously a leash.
First of all think about your personality
If your a shy person dont think about getting a big Rottweiler think about getting a Shitzu.
Choose a name before adopting
You should do this and then find a dog that suits the name so you have it's favourite name.
Ask the owner if it needs a muzzle
It is important that you get a muzzle if it needs on otherwise it could be put down.
By Kylah
I hope you enjoyed and hopefully it was a great help.
Choose your breed
There are many breeds for example German Sheperds, Siberian Huskys, Labrodor, Bulldogs, Pugs and theres many more.
Adopting the right dog
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