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Cobalt by David Slobodyanyuk

No description

david slobodyanyuk

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Cobalt by David Slobodyanyuk

Cobalt 27 58.93 Hi, my name is Cobalt. I'm hard as a rock but sometimes a blueish-white color. My radioactive Cobalt is used to help heal cancer which makes me special. I can stay magnetic at very high temperature. By David Slobodyanyuk CO Atomic number atomic mass This number represents the protons This is the number of protons and neutrons together This element was found in Sweden. It was found by Georg Brondt Cobalt is found hard. Sometimes its also found a blueish white color. Cobalt salt can be mixed with glass to make colors like blue... And green! Cobalt can also be mixed with something else to make metal for airplanes. The end Just kidding. Lets hear a rap about cobalt first!
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