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Measurement Portfolio

No description

Harmony Peura

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Measurement Portfolio

Artifacts Entry 1 In class we did a hands-on activity where we measured a partner's finger width, hand span, fathom, palm,ect. We did in both U.S. customary and metric. We used millimeters, centimeters, and inches. My partner and I noticed that if you had the length of something in centimeters, it is very easy to find the length in millimeters. For example, if you got 5.6 centimeters for your palm span, that would mean your palm span would be 56 millimeters. Measurement Portfolio Entry 2 We recently did a measurement activity in class, where we had to figure out about how many steps it would take for someone to walk from O.D.C. to Colonial Williamsburg. We were given this information:
1. It is about 50 miles from O.D.C to Colonial Williamburg.
2. There are 5,280 feet in one mile
First we took turns measuring each others footsteps and averaged it out to 17 inches. Next, came the caculating. I did 12 multiplyed by 5,280 ( the amount of feet in one mile) to see how many inches were in a mile and got 63,360. Then, I divided 63,360 ( centimeters in a mile) by 17 ( the average footstep). I came up with 3,727. That is the number of footsteps in on mile, we are are working with 50 miles so I did 3727x50. My final answer would then be that it takes about 186,350 steps to get from O.D.C. to Colonial Williamsburg. It's All About Measurement! Definitions 1. The act of measuring
2. A measured dimension
3. Extent, size, ect., ascertained by measuring
4. A system of measuring or measures: liquid measurements Origin 1751 from ' measaure + -ment Measurement Used in a Sentence Use measurement to tell me the length of your dining room so we know how many tiles we need to buy Personal Benchmarks Mile- 4 laps at P.E.
Kilometer- 10 football fields
Yard- 3 feet
Inch- 1/12 of a foot, inchworm
Centimeter- thumb width
Millimeter- a few strands of hair
Gallon- a gallon milk jug
Quart- 1/4 gallon
Liter- 1/2 of a two liter soda bottle
Pint- donating a pint of blood
Cup- measuring cup
Milliliter- 1/1000 of a liter
Kilogram- 1000 grams
Pound- lifting weights
Ounce- 1/16 pound
Gram- gramstackers http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/measurement?s=t For more info on measurement, try visiting this site By: Harmony Peura A Few Fun Facts Entry 4 In class, I did an activity where I analyzed the metric system's patterns. I noticed that in the liquid capacity category, everything ended in "liter"; in the length category, everything ended in "meter"; and in the mass category everything ended in "gram". When converting metric system components, you will use numbers such as 10, 100, 1000, ect. I acually did some work converting units of measurement. I found out that that converted numbers like 45 centemeters into 450 milimeters. Both of those numbers have 45 in them (with different place values). Entry 3 We did an activity in class where we did measurement stations. There were 5 choices and we each got to choose the ones we wanted to do. The first station that I did was for density. It was called a a Boat and a Stone. There was a large container filled with about 3/4 high of water. There was a smaller container floating in it, known as the "boat". We explored the results of adding stones to the boat and taking them out. We observed what happened to the water level of the large container. The second station I did was all about tempature. We measured the tempature of different cups of water. Some of them were ice water, refrigerated water, outside water, and room tempature water. To learn more about the metric system, tryvisiting this site http://www.unc.edu/~rowlett/units/ - In ancient Egypt, body parts such as fingers, hands, and arms were used as measuring tools. The width of a finger was known as a digit and the width of four fingers was a palm.

-In ancient Rome, people would walk one thousand paces to measure one mile.

- To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, look at the formula below. F=(C x 1.8) +32 C=Celsius
F=Fahrenheit Entry 5 When I was recently was playing a phone game called Temple Run, I realized it related to measurement. When you are playing, you have to try and run as far as you can, while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. If you look up in the right, top corner, it shows you how many meters you've ran. I noticed that happened also appeared in other games. The meters ran is essentail to the game for not only the distance score, but the overall score. Meters have to factor in somewhere in the total score. If you look where it says distance, you can see how many meters you've traveled. http://www.funbrain.com/measure/ For another fun activity you can do at home, try visiting these sites that both have measurement games on them. http://www.fossweb.com/modules3-6/Measurement/index.html Entry 6 We did a socratic seminar in class on measurement. the following questions were discussed. Here are the 5 questions and the notes for each one.

1. How does measurement impact the word?
-it organizes events
- it tells us how faraway places and things are
-lets us know how tall we are and how much we weigh (which is essential in some ways)
-It impacts different careers such as surgeons, product designers of any type, scientists, and almost any job imaginable uses measurement to some degree.

2. How do we decide the appropiate unit of measurement?
-personal benchmarks
-location (whether you use U.S. Customary or metric depending on where you are)
- visualizing

3. To what extent is measurement non-negotiable?
-installing new flooring or furniture
-driving a car
-making a TV show or commercial (right timing)
-making clothes

4. What uncertainties exist in measurement?
-how long a span is, for example ( it is different for everyone)
-we are not sure about certain measurements of things like the inside of the Earth
-why the metric AND U.S. Customary systems were both made (personal uncertainty)
-exactly how long it took to develop different aspects of measurement

5. Does measurement describe the world around us or does the world around us describe measurement?
-Measurement describes the world around around us
-when the size of one foot was established, it was decided on 12" after MEASURING people's feet
-length, width, weight, ect. are all adjective that modify or describe the world around us
-When describing the length of something you wouldn't say something like " The notebook that I lost was 1 folder in length and 1 novel in width" Special Thanks to... -Mrs. C for giving us this this fun project and teaching me so much about measurement! I never knew how deep you could really go into it until now.
- Prezi
-Microsoft Word
- All the website links for measurement info.
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