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5.06 Lab Time: Acids and Bases Indicators

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domonic hill

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of 5.06 Lab Time: Acids and Bases Indicators

5.06 Lab Time: Acids and Bases Indicators
Eye Drops-Base
Lemon Juice-Acids
initiial color
or sloutoion
Bleach Light green yellow >12

Detergent Green Blue 8-10 Base

Lemon Juice Yellow red 1-3 Acid

Tea Brown Purple 4-6 Acid
1. Place the Five conclusions in order of increasing pH from most acid to basic. Tea,Lemon Juice,Eye Drops, Detergent, Bleach

2. Orange Juice Has pH of 4. What color would you expect the test strip after it is dipped into a sample of orange juice?
It would be purple.

3. Determining the pH of substances such as purple grape juice and catchup
using test strips would be difficult. Why?
It would be difficult to see the color change.

Final color or
Ph range
on test strip
Eye Drops Light Blue Blue 4-6 Acid
4. Tear shampoos are advertized as having a pH similar to that of human tears. What pH would you expect tear free shampoo to be? Use evidence from the lab activity a your response.
I would expect it to be neutral because eye drops are the same as tear free shampoo. It would'nt irritate my eyes.

5.Approximate hydronium ion concentration in tea - Mol Dm-3
Approximate Hydroxide ion concentration in tea 1.58
Hydronium ion concentration is higher.

6. Approximate hydronium ion concentration in bleach - 1x10^-13-1x10^-14
Approximate Hydroxide ion concentration in bleach 1x10^-1-1x10^-0
The Hydroxide is higher....

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