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Tree of Unhappiness

No description

Joy Ng

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Tree of Unhappiness

In what ways are
with politics in Singapore? Political Freedom Economic/
Psychological Election tactics Institutional aspects Freedom to Debate HDB Policy Ensuring that only the
"best" can govern SDU/ Eugenics Social Policy - Only married couples can buy on primary mkt
- Rebate if you buy a home near your parents'
- Forced ethnic integration through the quota system
- High ministerial salaries
- Look at Punggol East by-election 2013 - Room for public criticism curtailed
- Defamation laws; no "illegal assemblies"; PEMA
- MDA and censorship
- Govt's ability to "stop" debates - eg. casino debate; recent White Paper on Population
- Gerrymandering
- "Carrot and stick" tactics on opposition wards - eg. "repent in five years time"
- Media dominated by coverage of ruling party - Preventive Detention: Internal Security Act
- Executive - Judiciary divide
- High ministerial salaries
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