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Fables - 3rd Grade Lesson

A lesson about fables using "The Tortoise and the Hare".

Cory Thorson

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Fables - 3rd Grade Lesson

Mrs. Hart's 3rd Grade Class Reading and Writing a Fable Objectives for
Class Today Characteristics of a Fable 1) Determine the main message or lesson of a fable and explain how important details in the story support it. fable, tortoise, hare, cocky, arrogant,
humble, modest, contestants, crouched,
streaked, plodded, steadily, home stretch,
gaining, down to the wire, slunk, poky,
picture walk, support, actions,
sequence of events, determine, describe,
characteristics, predict Academic Language Words Let's take a walk through the book, looking at only the pictures to see if we can predict who and what this story is about. Picture Walk 1)What will be the lesson or moral of your story?

2)Who are the 2 animal characters and what are their names?

3)Who is the main character, the one who learns his lesson?

4)Who is the other character?

5)What are the characters like? What are their personalities?

6)What is the setting?

7)What is the sequence of events that happen in the story that help to teach the lesson? Steps for Writing a Fable 1) Fables are short fiction stories (they did not really happen).

2) Fables start as “Once upon a time...” or “A long time ago...”.

3) The purpose of a fable is to entertain.

4) Fables usually have 1 main animal character with 1 or more other animal characters.

5) Characters in fables are animals that act like humans.

6) Fables teach a lesson or moral, usually to the main character. 2) Describe what the characters are like and how they feel in the story. How do their actions contribute to the sequence of events? 3) Explain how a book’s illustrations contribute to creating the mood of the characters or setting. 4) Plan and write your own fable after filling out a graphic organizer.
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