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Juicy Gossip Summary

No description

Ashley Tang

on 26 March 2012

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Transcript of Juicy Gossip Summary

Juicy Gossip Ashley Tang
Per. 5 By Erin Downing Can she save
the paper or not? Settings This is the juice store, Juice It, at the mall. This is Stacey and Dahlia talking about the gossip Jenna overhears. Characters C ONFLICT The conflict of this story is that the newpaper was going to be cut. Also, if the school did not raise enough money, most activities would be cut too. Resolution The resolution to the story was that Jenna created a gossip colum for the newpaper. Jenna also raised money at the Fall Carnival so the activities wouldn't be cut. Jenna Sampson is the editor of
the newpaper. Her pen name is "Little Miss Mango". This is Jenna giving change back to Peter, who just ordered a smoothie. Stacey Smith is one of the Seventh Grade Snobs. Rising Action (2) Another rising action scene is when Jenna decides to eavesdrop gossip and publish it into the newpaper. When Jenna does this, it puts her at risk with the Seventh Grade Snobs. Rising Action (1) The news about the newpaper being cut strikes Jenna. Jenna then thinks of some slick plan to save the paper. Climax The climax of the story is when the students of Washington Middle School start reading the newpaper. This changes everything because then the newpaper might not be cut. Falling Action The falling Action is when the school has the Fall Carnival. The Fall Carnival includes "Little Miss Mango" revealing herself at the Dunk Tank. That year, the Fall Carnival raised enough money to save the rest of the activities. Rising Action (3) Jenna hangs out with the Seventh Grade Snobs. She did this so she could get even more gossip.
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