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Teaching Shakespeare 6th Grade

No description

Rana Koran

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Teaching Shakespeare 6th Grade

English Renaissance:
Elizabeth I - Patron
(Lord Chamberlin's Men)
Associated Writers:
Christopher Marlow
Lady Miriam

3-2-1 Ticket out the Door

Taming of the Shrew
Play Synopsis
Video Synopsis
Shakespearean Language
Adjective, Adjective, Noun
Insult Generator
"No Fear" Shakespeare
Shakespeare for Beginners
Exploring the Unit
Look at Unit 4

Teaching Shakespeare
Thank you!
English Renaissance Theatre
"Billy the Bard"
Main Source: Sir Thomas More
Greek Playwrights
Thrust Staging: right in the Audience's Face
Active/Noisy Crowd, with food and drinks.

Rhythm of Speech:
Iambic Pentameter
Written for the Illiterate

Thrust Stage
Audio/Visual Component
Iambic Exercise
MT for Rhythmic Structure
Physical/Partner Game:

There was once two sisters. One was beautiful and sweet and the other was beautiful...and not so sweet. The sweet one wanted to get married, but their dad said not until the other one was married first. Along came a man who, needing money and a wife, decided that the not-so-sweet sister was for him. She would have nothing to do with him...
Learning Strategy
Character Relations
Best Friends
No speaking,
body language only.
Highly Visual
Television of the day
Use of imagery/visuals

Shakespeare Day
Class Activity
Greet all students at the door.
Incorporate Thee/Thou, Whence, Hence, add "est" on most verbs, and add "th" on the end of most sentences.
Questions? Suggestions?
Visual Expression
4.1 - 4.6 Intro to Shakespeare
4.7 - 4.15 Performing
4.13 Tableau, 4.14 Shakespeare Day,
Dialogue Game
Problems with Researching Shakespeare
Shakespearean Mysteries:
Who was Shakespeare?
Christopher Marlow, Sir Francis Bacon,
Earl of Oxford, Earl of Southhampton,
Queen Elizabeth I, or Did he exist?
Why is it a mystery?
Use a Video Synopsis at
your discretion with your students.
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