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Copy of New Hope Society

No description

Jillian Gilroy

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of New Hope Society

New Hope Society
Goals For The Future
Increase our capacity for health services
Updating drop-in facilities/resources
Better collaboration with like-minded groups
Increase awareness and education in the community
"Being on the streets is a hard life day in and day out, people in New Hope give you just that "New Hope". People are nice and will help with kindness and love, a hot tea or coffee, something to eat, some clothes if needed and a place to sit and relax, where are you understood and not judged. The feeling of belonging to this world."
Who We Are
Founded & opened doors in 2005
What We Do
At New Hope, we offer a safe place for women to remove themselves from the street.
New Home For New Hope
New Hope is currently looking for a New Home.
How Can You Help?
We have a number of projects that we would like Yellowhead Rotary to consider supporting in the next year including:

Funding for equipment that will be essential to marginalized women who would not otherwise access services at other locations

Moving forward with oral health issues

Individual storage lockers
Services & Facilities
Clothing Room
"New Hope is a place of refuge not only from the elements of cold wintery weather but a place to sit and relax. A place to reflect and think of the past, deal with the present, and hope for a brighter future."
I come to New Hope a lot. there is so much to learn and I love learning new things. It has been a great honor to be part of New Hope Society. I will continue coming to New Hope. There is more things to do- we laugh, enjoy each other's company."
"New Hope has been a super great place for me to grow and learn with the programs. Teaching me self-respect and educating me in public heath as well as mental health. It's a good place to come for me when I have no one else in the world."
A drop-in centre for marginalized women, particularly those involved in the sex trade
Workshop Area
We collaborate with members of the community to offer workshops in areas of:
Health Screening
HIV Awareness & Education
Mental Health
Exiting the Trade
Reporting Incidents
Artistic Expression - painting, beading, crafts
Multi-week programs on emotion, self-esteem
Computer skills

Our Vision
New Hope believes in the fundamental and human rights and dignity of sex workers and seeks to bring these women empowerment and support in making informed choices.

We understand that many women involved in sex work and survival sex may have lost a sense of safety and security because of the nature of their experiences and trade. We strive to provide a caring atmosphere of encouragement and safety using a non-judgmental approach to help bridge this gap and restore hope.
Thank You
From us and the women at New Hope, thank you for taking the time to learn about our organization.
For more information or to contact us, please call:

Or visit:

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