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Personalized Learning

No description

E Trenders

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning
K-12 Education
Higher Education
Corporate Training
Implications for Practice
Open source learning environments
Personal Experience
"I believe all educators personalize learning in various forms, yet technology has the potential to make personalization even greater. However, I also recognize the limitations and challenges in implementing personalized learning across different school settings, especially when using technology."
Adaptive Technologies
Compass Learning
Implications for Practice
Critical Stance
Is adaptive learning...
Personal Experience
Susan Laws
Academic Advising,
University of Colorado Denver
Implications for Practice
Formal Learning
Conference/ Seminar training
Online Training (eLearning)
Critical Stance
Personalized Learning in Corporate Environments - Thesis Study

Critical Stance
Challenges in Implementation
Case Studies
Personal Experience
INTE 6750
Spring 2015

Informal Learning
Scenario and role playing
Social media tools
Self Lead Research
Just-in-time Learning

Why provide personalized learning in companies?

Merit Prep

Very detailed learner profile
Differentiated personal learning plans
Competency based progression
Flexible learning environment
Click on the link for a
full case study
An increase in...
Free cloud computing tools
Social media tools
web 2.0 tools
knowledge generation
knowledge creation
adaptive learning software
Traditional Classroom
Click here
to enlarge
Dreambox Learning
What is Personalized Learning?
Designed to put the learner at the center.
Each learner follows a customized path that responds and adapts based on his/her individual learning progress, motivations, and goals.

Jenna Iszler
Susan Laws
David Sampson
Nora Yim Stern

Personalized learning in...
Personalized learning in...
Personalized learning in...
"...grit, not test scores"
Case Studies
"...ground zero for data-driven teaching in higher education"
"...competency based education"
Bowling Green State University
Companies can utilize adaptive
technologies to track...
- Compliance Training
- Regulatory/ Legal guidelines
- Human Resources
- Professional Development

Critical view of personalized learning in higher education
Corporate Profiteering
Lowering the cost of education
Costly to
Loss of teacher/student
Personalized Experience
Increase in productivity
Cost of Implementation
Nora Yim Stern

K-12 Educator,
Denver Public Schools
Source: http://www.hanoverresearch.com/insights/classroom-evolutions-the-benefits-implications-and-implementation-of-personalized-learning/?i=k-12-education
Source: http://www.dreambox.com/adaptive-learning
"The Technology Behind Adaptive Learning" - Dreambox Learning
Popular K-12 Programs
3 Attributes of a Personalized Learning School
Personal Experience
David Sampson
Director of IT,
College of Vet. Medicine,
Virginia Tech
" Personalized learning is the essence of what students experience in the fourth year of their veterinary training. Every patient is unique, every client is different, and every diagnosis is is a new test. There is no more profound experience for the students than when they share in the loss of a pet who is as much a part of some families as their children."
... the future?
Jenna Iszler
Commercial Operations Program Specialist, Covidien
"In the corporate world, I see incredible value incorporating personalized learning into training programs in order to provide employees with tools and resources to further themselves and their careers."
"“Follow the money” is apt advice in many sectors of education..."
Kohn, 2015
"...parents objected, saying that they did not want that kind of information about their children transferred to a third-party vendor."
Singer, 2014
"...all have signed up to deliver significant improvements in completion at scale, as well as affordable tuition rates of $5,000/year or less."
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
"In a fully adaptive classroom, students will be continually assessed,...High-stakes exams could eventually disappear, replaced by the calculus of perpetual monitoring."
Fletcher, 2013
" ...it cannot replace the human element in teaching."
Headden, 2013
"The fresh and fertile soil of the open Web can foster the quick growth of a personalized learning system."
Anderson, 2011
"...policymakers are being asked to legislate in support of models that by and large don’t exist yet. And few states are shelling out substantial funds to subsidize the switching costs..."
Freeland, 2015
“...learner excitement will heighten when learning style options can be juxtaposed so that students can simultaneously see, hear, feel, and perhaps even taste the learning..."
"The Use of Personalized Learning Environments in Corporate Training Programs"
"Utilizing personalized learning environments is a new concept in corporate training. Many companies are not taking advantage of social media or other newer personalized learning techniques in the training process that are currently used in traditional learning settings." - Author, Rachel J. Barnes
Measuring ROI
Adult Learning
Practical real-world examples
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The heart of personalized learning is meeting students where they are and that it is something I hope to work toward in transforming higher education for as many students as possible.
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