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Ella Biggart

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of boycott

It started when Rosa Parkers, one of the leaders of the boycott refused to move her seat on the bus.

She was sent to jail for taking that position.

She then later said, "the only tired I was, was giving in"
Affects of the civil rights movement
Many black people were killed fighting for what they believed in.

There was a lot of violence towards the black leaders, like MLK's house was blown up.

Eventually, the city began making rules to support the blacks and provide new opportunities, like jobs that were usually for white people.
March on Washington
August 28th 1963, over 200,000 African Americans went to Washington D.C. to protest for civil rights.

The march was a political rally for jobs, more freedom and civil rights.

This march was inspired by MLK's "I have a dream speech" that inspired many people around the world.
Martin Luther King Jr.
He was the leader of the civil rights movement,

He encouraged people to boycott riding the bus.

He didn't want anyone to think he was a coward.

He was a great motivational speaker and is famous for delivering the "I have a dream speech".


Facts about the boycott
The boycott lasted 381 days

MLK and the people final won - bus segregation laws were eliminated in November 13th 1956

MLK celebrated by sitting on a bus next to a white man.

Facts about the boycott continued
15 year old Claudette Colvin was also arrested for not giving up her seat on bus

White people also joined in on the bus boycott.

December 5th 1955 people did not take the bus to work.
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