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EWU Library Presentation

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Md. Mamun-Or-Rashid

on 30 July 2018

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Transcript of EWU Library Presentation

Towards the Next-Generation Library

East West University Library
Eastbablishment of EWU Library
EWU Library established in 1996 in the same year, EWU started its journey.
Activate participation of three new nodes
Workshop on Digital Library in Maldives for LIS professionals of Maldives and Afghanistan (2014)
Workshop on Digital Library in Sri Lanka (2014)
Workshopon Digital library held at National Library of Bhutan in 2014
A five day workshop on ‘FOSS Applications for Libraries: Greenstone Digital Library & Koha LMS’ was organized by the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) and DLNetSA
A three day workshop was organized in Male, Maldives, on Koha and GSDL from 12-14 April 2014. Two representatives (an IT expert and a Librarian) from the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU) participated at the training program
A Regional Seminar on ‘Open Source Software for Building Digital Libraries in South Asian Countries’ was held on 6 July 201

The main purpose of the training was to create an operational and sustainable digital library network with focus on providing support for integrated library system and digital library activities
The mission team installed Koha and GSDL in the Royal Institute of Management (public access) and in the National Library of Bhutan (local network).

Presentation Outline
Library in Picture
Mission and Vision
Library Officials
Library Sections
Collection Overview
Library Hours
Library Membership
Corporate Membership
Library Committee
Library Services
Library Automation/Technologies Used
Social Networks
Electronic Resources (E-Journals, E-books etc.)
Library Activities (Workshop, Training, Seminar, Meetings etc.)
Support to Digital Library Development and Training
Future plan
Mission and Vision
Empowering EWU’s research and learning community with deep expertise, innovative services, and outstanding collections, and enabling the staffs and students of East West University to engage optimally with the ever changing information environment.
Objectives of EWU Library
East West University Library's mission is to support the university community in developing skills in innovative and analytical thinking in research and in information literacy, and by providing distinctive collections, services, facilities and programs.
To support and facilitate the research, learning, teaching and administrative activities of the University, by organizing, maintaining and providing access to appropriate literature and information resources in such a way as to provide optimum benefit for Library users.
To provide an appropriate and comfortable environment, accommodation and facilities for the use of Library resources.
To support the University emerge as a leading university of the country, embracing traditional values of higher education but adapted to the global community of the 21st century.
To identify, acquire, organize, store, and provide on-demand access to the available intellectual and research products of scholars to support teaching, learning, research and creative endeavors.
To provide greater access to digital collections while continuing to build and improve access to collections in all formats to meet the research and teaching needs of the university.
To foster information literacy and work involving the EWU community and to enable users to think critically, create knowledge, and be life-long learners.
To provide and ensure quality services and good professional practice in library activities.

Saturday : 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sunday to Thursday : 8:30 am – 10.00 pm
Friday : 08:30 am – 5:00 pm
(1:00-2:00 pm break)
Library Hours
Library Sections
The Acquisitions Section is responsible for the acquisition of all books, monographs, government documents and gifts for the EWU Libraries. There are generally five steps taken in order to acquire material for a library collection whether physical or digital.
1. Request processing 2. Verification 3. Ordering 4. Reporting (fiscal management) 5. Receiving orders
Acquisitions Section
Facilities in Circulation Section are available:
Issuance of text books, audio cassettes, and CD-ROM’s; Issuance and renewal of library membership; Search corner for online journals and library database; Text materials; Study space.

Readers often have to consult books and materials, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, Yearbooks, and the like for data or information. Consequently, these books are never issued to anyone, but are used in the Library premises and for Photocopy.
Reference Section
Circulation Section
Users are not allowed to borrow books from the Reserve Section, where confined books are preserved for use in library premise. Users are requested not to move any book from reserve section to other section.
Reserve Section
More than 140 local and foreign journals, magazines, yearbooks, bulletin etc. and 18 national newspapers are displayed in this section. Besides remarkable number of contributory journals and magazines are available in this section. Information materials of this section cannot be borrowed. User may read and request the library personnel for photocopy of their required materials.
Newspaper and Journal Section
Liberation War Corner
Patrons can explore their knowledge about the Bangladesh Liberation War through the various books, documentary videos etc. by this corner. Resources of this corner are not allowed to issue.
Library Membership
Users may apply online through http://opac.ewubd.edu/cgi-bin/koha/opac-memberentry.pl to get a library membership. Participation in Information Literacy program is mandatory to activate membership and need to register online for this program through website. Membership need to be renewed in each semester by showing Pay Slip of tuition fees (for students)

EWU Library receives purchase suggestions online from faculty members, students, staff, or registered library users for the addition of library materials which support teaching, study, and research at the University. Suggestions are reviewed and approved by library committee.
Before submitting a suggestion, please check the library online catalogue http://opac.ewubd.edu/ to determine if the item you need or wish to suggest has already in the library.

Purchase Suggestions
Reference books, journals, magazines, reports and confined materials cannot be borrowed, but may be used and photocopied in library.
One cannot borrow a book or CD/DVD of same title more than one time without break.
Only Library member can avail borrowing facility.
Users may request to photocopy materials in prescribed form from the library collection only.
The service is available from 8:45 am to 4:45 pm through Sunday to Thursday with a break from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm.
Fridays, Saturdays and after 5:00 pm of each working day, the same services are made available from the (Block “D” 1st floor) photocopy center.
Entire book can not be photocopied.
Rate of service is taka one per page (one side in photocopy paper).
Only Library books and other reading materials can be photocopied in this section.
We have latest Digital Photocopier (Sharp AR-5731 and expert xerox operator to provide this service.
Photocopy Services
Library users may avail PIGEON-HOLE FACILITIES (Ground floor, Block B) to keep their personal books, umbrellas, jackets, bags, attaches, briefcases, newspapers, helmets etc. before entrance into the library.

Pigeon-Hole Facilities
Wi-Fi internet connectivity is available. For Wi-Fi service please collect your username and password from ICS dept. Library collections and users are observed by Close Circuit Camera for security.
Wi-Fi service
Patrons also get virtual reference service from library website. EWU Library service integrated ZOHO with its Website for this service.
Virtual Reference Service
Library Automation
EWU Library uses widely used Integrated Library Management Software: Koha. EWU library website is developed with Drupal to integrate all the services. Vu-find search tool has been integrated with library website for searching books, online journals and e-resources from a single point.
Resource Collections
The collection consists of printed books, e-books, reference materials, online and printed journals, magazines, newspapers etc. Details are as follows (The data as on October 02, 2016):

EWU library subscribes world renowned E-Resources which are accessible from the university premise and most of these can be accessed by MyAthens (Remote Access Service).

EWU Library subscribes MyAthens through which most of the e-resources can be accessed remotely/off campus. Remote Access to E-Resources: http://www.openathens.net
Remote Access Service to E-Resources
Corporate Membership
EWU Library has corporate membership with Archer K. Blood American Center Library and International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). Users may avail borrowing facilities and e-journal services of those institutions.
This service has been redesigned recently to provide more effective services to users covering wide areas. The library provides news-clipping services in the following subjects on a regular basis:
01. Miscellaneous ( General Works)
02. Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
03. Information Science & Library Management
04. Recruitment (Library)
05. Publication/Articles of EWU faculty/Staff
06. Population & Census
07. Women Affairs
08. Rural Development
09. Human Rights (Civil & Political Rights)
10. Economics
11. Environment & Natural Resources
12. Power & Energy
13. UNO
14. Commercial Law
15. NGO Affairs
16. Education (General)
17. University Education
18. East West University Affairs
19. General News of University of Bangladesh
20. Social Problems & Development
21. Pharmacy
22. Agriculture
23. Business Affairs
24. Financial Management
25. Marketing
26. English Literature
27. Biography

Newsclipping Services
EWU Library conducts IL program round the year for newly admitted students, existing students and faculty members. Students can register themselves through http://lib.ewubd.edu/il/. The following services and trainings are provided from EWU library to carry on information literacy program:
• Present general orientation on various aspects of library resources and services.
• Provide instructions/ guidance on various search techniques and useful features of exiting library software through Power point presentation as well as online guidance.
• Assist students and faculty members in small groups to help them develop the information literacy skills for accessing, using, evaluating of information and information sources and communicate it in an ethical manner.
• Provide training on building a bibliography and proper citation in any standard style, for example APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago style etc by using Mendeley, RefMe, Cite This for Me Software.

Information Literacy Program
Workshop/Seminar/Support Services
EWU library organizes workshops, training, seminar on contemporary issues and subjects related to library and information technology and services for the library professionals, health professionals and IT professional to cope with up-to-date technology and resources in library. EWU library professional provides consultancy services to information institutions and libraries of public and private sector for developing digital library.
Library Website
EWU Library Website developed and maintained by Library Team Themselves using Drupal. Drupal is a scalable, open platform for web content management and digital experiences. it provides deep capabilities and endless flexibility on the web. All the resources and services of EWU Library have been incorporated here.

Online Library Catalogue
EWU Library online library catalogue available online can be searched by users from anywhere which is developed through Integrated Library System: Koha. This catalogue has been prepared maintaining MARC21 cataloguing standard.
EWU Digital Library is the first digital library in Bangladesh using Greenstone Digital Library Software. This consists of News clippings, Report, Journal articles, audio, video and Images etc. For accessing digital library: http://gsdl.ewubd.edu/
Digital Library
EWU Library developed institutional repository to collects, preserves, and distribute digital information materials such as projects reports, EWU publications, newsclippings pertinent to EWU. For accessing Institutional Repository: http://dspace.ewubd.edu/
Institutional Repository
Google Plus
Prezi Presentation
Inhouse Program at EWU Library
workshop on “Integrated Library System: Koha and MARC 21” from 06-09 January 2017
Librarian, EWU with
New Services introduced at EWU Library
Article request service through library website
Instant Reference Service Through WhatsApp
Liberation war corner at Library Website
Print Journal Article Indexing at Library Website
Online Books renewal Service
Locally hosted e-book database of 2000+ text books
Citation Management Service
Celebration of First National Library Day
Full transcript