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Stop Drilling

No description

Natasa Bozic Grojic

on 2 February 2011

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Transcript of Stop Drilling

Stop Drilling I have lain here
For months
Bedclothes over my head The sound of your drill Invading my dreams The hole Between us Getting larger and larger The draft is unbearable

as you knock down the wall completely. Is nothing sacred to you? You peel off the paint And strip the rest of my walls naked. You undo the pieces of puzzle Brick by brick You flood the corridors And leave debris behind I am stranded on this bed as furniture floats around me. You lift up floors Revealing bones long forgoten Dirt long pushed under the boards Emptiness carefully hidden by wool and silk You remove the ceiling Exposing me to the brightness above There is an abyss Where firm ground used to be I am holding onto my blanket The last thing that is mine I hoist it as a shield And I wait for the silence to fall As you pack your tools One by one. the
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