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Romare Bearden

No description

Suzanne Magnee

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Romare Bearden

Romare Bearden: Musical Art Romare Bearden Romare Bearden created art that
was inspired by his life. What can
you tell about where Bearden lived by
looking at his collage? *A collage is a piece of art where the
artist adds different media such as newspaper,
photographs, fiber, and other things to a flat surface. Music influenced Bearden's Art... When Romare Bearden was a teenager his love of music deepened as he listened to Duke Ellington play in his family’s apartment. The sights and sounds of the jazz age left their impression in his art. By the 1940s, jazz musicians and jazz scenes had begun to appear in his work. As time passed he began to use his favorite jazz performances for titles in his paintings and collages. This is a CD cover that Romare Bearden
created. Creating art and music have many
similarities and differences. Like music composers, artists compose too! Music composers use the elements melody, rythym, harmony, form, dynamic, and tone to create a piece of music. Aritsts use the elements of design to create a finished "composition". The elements of design that we will use in our work will be line, shape, color, and space. Like musicians artists plan and revise their work. Bearden often went back to his multiple times before he finished a piece. Artists and musicians can use these "elements" to create a mood. Looking and listening When you view art you use your eyes to see and interpret. Many art works can make you feel a certain way. This is called creating a "mood". What mood to you feel when looking at these two works by Romare Bearden? Listening... We will listen to jazz and try to identify different moods that we hear in the music. We will then try to connect these moods to different lines.
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