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​BDS is a Palestinian-led

No description

Mahmoud Nawajaa

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of ​BDS is a Palestinian-led

BDS Call 2005
Decades of brutal occupation
More than 50 law discriminate against Palestinians who live in Israel
Boycotting Israeli products in Occupied Palestinian Territory
ivestment and
anction Against Israel
67% decrease of Israeli products during the war on Gaza 2014
Leadership of British National Union of Students (7M members) Endorses BDS
Kuwait excludes Veolia from $2.25B contract.
Lost Boston 4B contract.
total: 24B lost of contract
​BDS is a Palestinian-led
Global movement for
freedom, justice and equality

Ethnic Cleansing
Apartheid and discrimination
Violation of Human Rights and International Law
Corporations Complicity
Failure of international community
Colonization via Settlement Expansion
Bypass roads slice Palestinian land
Isolation and colonization of Jerusalem
Economic siege
No implementation of agreements
Planned destruction of the spirit of resistant

Palestinian Population in 2015:
12.3 million

Denying Palestinians Right of Return
Global Complicity
Global Response
Palestine VS South Africa
Until it Comply to the Int'l Law
Target products and companies (Israeli and international) that profit from the violation of Palestinian rights, as well as Israeli sporting, cultural and academic institutions.
Targeting corporations complicit in the violation of Palestinian rights and ensuring that the likes of university investment portfolios and pension funds are not used to finance such companies.
Israel’s membership of various diplomatic and economic forums provides both an unmerited veneer of respectability and material support for its crimes
BDS National Committee (BNC)
The biggest Palestinian coalition that lead and guide the BDS movement
coordinate, Strengthen, protect and Strategies the BDS movement
Hundreds of BDS Coalitions
Partners witness real growth worldwide
Netanyahu mentions BDS
18 times at AIPAC (2014)

It's a new spectrum of arenas, it's a new spectrum of battlegrounds, that takes us to all those trade unions, to all those churches, to all those campuses and universities, and all those conferences of sciences, all museums and art exhibitions. Every element of Israeli activity is basically challenged."
- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

“As a member of the cabinet, I am well aware of the danger that faces us due to the anti-Israel activities of the BDS movement, I came to agreement with the prime minister on allocating the necessary resources and budgets...These are urgent issues, and it is difficult to overstate their importance”

• Gilad Erdan, Minister of public security, strategic affairs and public diplomacy, responsible for leading Israel’s fight against BDS, May 2015

BDS is a nonviolent human rights movement.
BDS is "
A Strategic Threat

Overall Responsibility to the Ministry of Stratigic Affairs 2013
2016 Olympics: After BDS pressure, Brazilian government denies relations with Israeli company ISDS
About 1,000 anthropologists in US and elsewhere call for academic boycott of Israel
US hip hop star Lauryn Hill canceled Israel concert
Palestine Power Generation Company withdraws from Israel gas deal (1.2 B, Contract)
Presbyterian Church Divests from HP, CAT and Motorola Solutions to Pressure Israel
G4S Announce ending all contract with Israel in 2017
Foreign direct investment in Israel dropped by 46% in 2014 and expert says it’s due to the Gaza war and BDS
More than 1,200 british Artist and academic endorse BDS
Veolia sells Israeli businesses targeted by BDS movement
Jordan Parliament vote against Jordan Israel gas deal, worth 15B$.
ISDS lost $2.2bn
deal to coordinate security at the games
Marinah becomes first singer in Spain to canceled concerts
1,200 scholars in Spain sign on academic boycott of Israel
African Literature Association (ALA) Endorses Academic Boycott of Israel
G4S suffers “
reputational damage
” and contracts worth
Billions $
to BDS
Trade Unions Endorse BDS
American Studies Association Overwhelmingly Endorses Academic Boycott of Israel
United Methodist Church Pension Fund Divests from G4S
Dutch pension giant PGGM divests from all Israeli banks involved in the occupation

Luxembourg Pension Fund Pulls Out of Israeli Banks

Danny Glover
Stephen Hawking
Mira Nai
Roger Water
Alice Walker
Stephane Hessel

Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)
Together we struggle for
Freedom, Justice and Equality
Under boycott pressure, Orange tries to distance itself from Israeli operation
Orange to pay Partner Communications an initial €40m and a further €50m if either company opts to end the contract, under which Partner licenses the Orange brand for its telecoms services.
SodaStream to close illegal settlement factory in response to growing boycott campaign
complicity in injustice
is a basic
moral obligation

: Operational Principles



: Selecting a target
Complicity level

Ability to mobilize wide support

Possibility of Success

BDS is in more than 200 University
87 country
Israel Apartheid week 2017
More than 300 City
Why is that?
Elbit company lost several contracts because of BDS.
* $17m plan to build a military satellite in Brazil.
* Almost 2 B$ worth of drones deal with the French government.
Targeted Civil Assassinations
Banned HR groups
Lorde Canceled
Apartheid Free Zones
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