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Preliminary Task 2

No description

Katherine Stringer

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Preliminary Task 2

What did you learn about...
Planning the film?
Time scale- how long did it take to do?
Did you encounter any difficulties?
How did you over come them?
Five top tips? PRELIMINARY TASK MATT KASSIE JULIET Difficulties Planning Timescale Filming Editing Tips -That there is an awful lot of work that needs to be put in and that this is possibly the most important process.
-That organization is crucial, particularly when you're reliant on a group because you don't just have yourself to worry about, you have a team of people in front of and behind the camera that need to know what they are doing in order for the shoot to be successful.
-All micro-elements of filming such as costume, props, location, performance and cinematography all have to be considered and revised during the planning stage so that everything is well-prepped for the filming. -That not everything happens in the first take, it may take several attempts to get it right, but the more footage you have, the more likely you are to be able to edit in a successful shot.
-The better cooperation you have from your group and actors and the readier everyone is, the easier it becomes.
-The cinematography when filming should be thoroughly planned and thought about such as what shot, what angle, why it's shot like this, audience positioning and who and what is in the frame. -In all honesty it took a lot longer to organize and get the filming done than predetermined because it wasn't as organized as it should have been and so in future we should have spent more time planning and making sure everyone knew exactly what they were doing, instead of quickly moving to filming. -Because some of the timing during the filming was a little out of sync with the music you had to pay closer attention to lip movement and even speed up or slow down certain clips.
-You also ended up cutting frame by frame to be very precise with the lip synching. -One of the main difficulties was the organization, and with it the communication. There was a lack of communication between actors and cinematographers and so things became increasingly difficult to get done. To solve this problem you should improve communication, planning and have more reliable actors.
-Some of the lip movements were completely wrong and this was mostly due to people not knowing the words which can easily be solved by having actors learn words prior to filming.
-Because there were more cuts its was harder to sequence and edit, but concentration and patience helps. My five top tips would be:
-Planning as much as possible.
-Don't expect everything to happen in the first shot.
-Don't just organize your group, make sure everyone else, such as actors know exactly what it is you want them to do and choose reliable actors.
-Consider each process individually such as the planning, organising, filming and editing.
-Consider everything in the shot- all of the micro-elements, in particular mise-en-scene. Planning to film
I have learnt how much planning goes into trying to organise locations to suit the song (even though we knew which locations to use as we were recreating the music video). I have also learnt how much time it takes to make sure the location will fit in with the music video genre.
When organising the props it was kind of the same as with organising locations because I found out that the props need to go with the location and how hard it is to find the right props for the music video. This was also the same with the costume and make up. Filming
The main thing I learnt about filming was how time consuming it is, I will take this into when making the main music video as I can plan enough time for all the filming to occur.
I also learnt how many takes I should do to get a good clip of filming, this is something else I can take into when producing my music video. Time scale
The whole planning, filming and editing of recreating the music video took between 2-3 weeks. I learn't how long it takes to make a music video for just a minute long clip. The planning took 2 hours, the filming took a week and the editing took 1 week and a couple of days. I can base the time scale of making the remake minute long video when creating a timetable for the music video I will eventually produce. Editing
I learn't how much a second makes on final cut because if the clip isn't exact on timing the remade video will not be in time with the actual music video.
I also learnt how to add the actual music video onto the clip but in a little box so I could get the clips of the remade music video in time with the actual music video. Planning
Within this activity I had a role as being the floor manager, my job required me to set the props, tables and chairs in the right places in order for the objects to be suitable for filming making our video a worthy replica of the original music video. The fact that the Busted video we were replicating was set in class room was very convenient for us as we had a good location – our class room, and we had a majority of the props needed e.g. a wipe board, pen, etc. A more difficulty area to sort out within our production was the costumes, due to the fact we were all yr 12 students and therefore do not were school uniform, which we needed to make our video convincing enough also the costumes we had available for our use was mostly under sized creating more difficulty. However this problem was resolved as majority of the students in our class had younger siblings who we could borrow school uniforms from we were all very happy about. The area of make-up was not very worrying for us as we didn’t focus much on it as most of the main actors within our production were mails and we didn’t feel they needed make-up as it wasn’t clear in the video if the real busted characters were wearing make-up. Filming The filming part of our production was the most difficulty. This was mainly because we did this production as a class room activity and different people were designated certain roles and some people were very negligent of their roles increase our difficulty of filming. Also some of the actors were uncomfortable with acting making it hard to make our video very convincing. Another area within filming making it very stressful was the fact that not all the characters were always around for filming at the right time therefore we either had to cancel what was originally set out to be done or change our plans on what to do altering the original outcome of our music video. In a certain scene were needed a a crowd due to the fact we were lacking on numbers from people in my class we had to ask people from other classes to help with this particular scene, this highlight how difficult filming was at different stages. Time scale Being that different things happened good and bad either fastening or hindering the pace of shooting it’s difficult to pin point just how long it took us to film. However I would say it took about 1 week and maybe 2days to finish filming. After we were able to designate roles people were clearer in exactly what they had to, making it easier for us to start filming knowing exactly what we wanted to do. However due some incompetence we maybe had to re-do filming of certain scenes slowing down the pace of shooting
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