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Famous Caves

No description

megan weihe

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Famous Caves

Famous Caves by: Megan Weihe Marengo Mammoth There are three famous caves you will learn about today. First Mammoth, then Majlis al Jinn, and last but certainly not least Marengo cave. Majlis al Jinn In 1838 Franklin Gorurn opened Mammoth cave in Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.
Mammoth cave is the longest know cave in the world. It is 335 miles long of mapped passage ways. In the fall there are 12 different tours. There are still some parts of Mammoth cave that haven't been discovered yet. http://www.nps.gov/maca/historyculture/index.htm Fun Fact Marengo cave was discovered when 2 kids heard other kids say that after school they would go to a hole behind there school. They slipped and fell into the cave on a rainy day. When they found the cave they thought that they found gold but it was acually a cave decoration. Marengo cave has 8 different types of cave decorations. Marengo has two different tours: Crystal Palace and Dripstone Trail. Its located in Marengo,Indiana. Majlis al Jinn is the worlds second largest underground cave with a floor plan. It is located in the Salmah Plateau in Oman which is in Asia. The floor plan is two hundred by one hundred sixty millimeters. That's a lot of room! http://www.trekkingoman.com/tourismoman//index_majlis.html I went to Marengo cave! Here are some pictures of when I went to Marengo. They had
a sticky
ceiling at
this point. http://www.marengocave.com/individuals/the-cave/formations/
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