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Time Zones

Understanding U.S. & World Time Zones

Jason Cognac

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Time Zones

Are You in the Zone? What are
Time Zones? U.S.A.
Time Zones The U.S. uses six time zones.

From east to west they are:
Eastern Time Zone
Central Time Zone
Mountain Time Zone
Pacific Time Zone
Alaska Time Zone
Time Zone

As you move west from the Eastern Time Zone, you subtract 1 hour of time. A 'Time Zone' is a region of Earth in which the official time-of-day is the same at every place.

Start and End at the North and South Poles.
There are 24 time zones, 1 for each hour of a day.

Check out the Time Zone Map... An Old-School Time Zone Video! This video will give you a quick review of
Latitude and Longitude, then give you essential info about Time Zones.
Approx 15 min. Ready for the
Big Picture? Check Out This
Helpful Website! Understanding the World's Time Zones
What problem would exist if it was the same time of day everywhere? REMEMBER..... Due to Earth's rotation (spinning),
it is always the dark of night somewhere, and it is always the light of day somewhere. http://timeanddate.com/time/map/ Time Zones
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